Noah minus an ark

Last week was spirit week at Brooks’ preschool.  One of the days was favorite character day and in true Ginger fashion, I completely forgot about the assignment until 8pm the night before.  So I went into Brooks’ room, grabbed the top book on his dresser – which happened to be his toddler bible – and told him we needed to pick a character.

Of course his first choice was the evil serpent from Adam and Eve. I quickly nixed that idea because I didn’t want to promote my 4 year old son being Satan.

Then he wanted to be Adam. And as easy as that costume would be, I’m pretty sure going in the buff is not something that would be approved by the school.

So we finally agreed on Noah.  Of course, he wanted to carry about 11 different animals, but I finally got him to agree to two puppies.

He asked where his ark was, and I told him mommy wasn’t that crafty! Plus it was well past his bedtime 🙂


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