Secret’s out, Dean.

In honor of someone’s big 3-9 birthday tomorrow, I’m sharing a little survey completed by his second favorite firstborn. (Doesn’t the wife get the #1 slot?! 😉 I’m a firstborn, too.)


Check out the alternate name spelling – What’s your name? “Jasin, with an ‘i’!” (P.S. yes, his real first name is Jason. Here’s that story.)

Love the age guess – 31.  He always claims to be young for his age 🙂

Evidently, Landon is really big on the tickles:
“He makes me happy when he tickles me.”
“I make my dad happy when I tickle his feet.”
P.S. Landon – Daddy does NOT like his feet tickled.  Those are not tears of joy when you do it!

And it’s sweet that he mentioned daddy’s funny joke telling. He is pretty hilarious.

Of course, the funniest thing dad does:


Fart. (Boys!)

Uh oh. Secret’s out, Dean!!

Seriously, I love this kid. And I love his dad more.  Happy 3-9 to my favorite handsome, younger-than-his-years other half.


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