Budding Artists

We had a recent rainy day and so our original plans to meet for a playdate with friends got scrapped and we hit up Dish It Out instead.  This is the place where you can pick out ceramicware and then spend time making it beautiful in their store studio.

This was Landon and Brooks first time doing it.  There was a lot of “don’t touch that.” “That’s fragile.” “Please just look.” Especially given the store rule that ‘you break it, you buy it’ and each piece starts around $8-10 and goes up from there!

After about 10 minutes perusing, we finally selected ice cream bowls.  The boys wanted to do big expensive dishes or plates ($20+ a piece), so I narrowed down to 4 options that were $10 or less and let them pick. Once Brooks heard Landon pick the ice cream dish, he wanted to choose the same.


I knew my kids would want to pick lots of colors and it would probably turn into a big brown blob so being the Type A person I am, I told the kids to each pick two main colors they wanted to use and then they could have 4 colors total that were those colors.  They both wanted green and blue as their colors so they each picked a few to make up their palette.


Landon used more blue in his and Brooks used more green but they turned out looking pretty cohesive, even though they each used different colors to start.


Brooks’ final work on the left and Landon’s on the right. (Yes, in the end they asked to do one more piece so I let them each do a small $2-3 piece and when we brought them home, we put magnets on the back.)

All in, it was an hour of time at the facility and they were ready within 4 days for pick up.  Definitely a cute idea for a personalized gift for a relative, especially when you can make sure it’s not going to end up all brown!

We spent about $30 to do these and the kids can’t wait to put some delicious ice cream in there this summer!




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