Being an extroverted introvert.

When I meet people in social settings, people are often shocked when I disclose that I’m an introvert.  They just assume since I often speak up and don’t tend to seem shy that I’m extroverted.  And the location varies, it might be at a wedding, church outing or meeting a friend’s group of friends that I’ve never hung out with before.  Because I carry a unique trait of being an extroverted introvert I can “turn on” a fun, outgoing, social personality in those settings.  I don’t have to be a wallflower, I can be the life of a party.  But there is a challenge that comes with this trait – it can be draining.

Because my natural, most comfortable state is down time at home with my boys, when we have social events, I have to “turn on” my fun side.  And sometimes I can actually feel myself doing it.  And I like to turn on my fun side a couple times a month, but if I do it too often, it completely drains me.

As a result, I have to be careful about how we schedule our months.  If I put too much on our calendar, I can get overwhelmed with all of our social events and I have a hard time recovering in between.  It’s as if I tap out at 2 events per week. Sometimes just the thought of so many events coming up stresses me out because I know I’ve jam packed our month with activities, so you can bet that the next month, I’ll be saying “no” to a bunch of social events in order to let myself recover.

June is going to be one of those months for me. Not necessarily that I’ll need to turn on “fun Ginger” because many of the events are with family and I don’t really do it with them, but we have a jam packed calendar this month, so I can guarantee that we’ll be taking July easy this year!

Does anyone else share this weird trait where they are more of an extroverted introvert?


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