DIY: Toy Shelf Redo

I love doing little projects around the house to tweak something and recreate it so it fits my space. It can be as quick as a coat of spray paint on a vase or as involved as hanging a wall of molding in a room.

Over the past week or two, I slowly redid a kids toy shelf that I found online.  It was a great find for $50 given it’s a really solid wood piece.  I’d bet it was $200-300 new.

Here’s what it looked like to start: (with the exception that it comes with 6 wood baskets and only two are showing in the picture).


Here are all 6 of the baskets before I touched them.  It was fun bright colors, but I wanted them to look cohesive and match my vision for the play room.


I envisioned white piece with navy baskets to tie into our playroom space.

So I bought some lime green spray paint (Rustoleum Glossy Key Lime) to paint a few coats on the interiors of the baskets. I thought the lime would add a fun, unexpected pop of color when they’re pulled out. (FYI – I only needed two cans of spray paint to do two good coats on the interiors of all 6.)


While I let those dry for a few days, I painted the outside piece to take it from the light wood finish to a crisp white paint.  I just used some leftover molding paint we had in our garage.

Then it was time to paint the outsides of the boxes.  I found a navy color I liked at Lowes and had a small can mixed (Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams).  It needed two to three good coats to cover all the bright color from before. I just used a small foam roller and it didn’t take long to do it – maybe 45 mins.


I’m always overly cautious when letting paint dry because it always seems to take longer than expected to get a nice hard cure.  So I left them in the garage for about a week.

Then we finally brought them upstairs to their new home in the playroom:

We’ve started filling it with books, blocks, train tracks and other fun boy toys!



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