In the past year…

Kindergarten is a big year.  So many changes and transitions take place from personality, learning capability and just physical changes.

I can’t believe Landon will officially become a 1st Grader at the end of the week.  There have been so many changes over the past year with this little boy.

L Kinder

PHYSICALLY:  He’s grown. This boy shot up in the past year.  He’s tall, skinny and muscular.  He also lost two teeth and gained a few sweet freckles across his nose and cheeks!

ATHLETICALLY:  He’s gotten so much more developed athletically.  He looks more like a middle school hitting a baseball than a toddler hitting a baseball.  He’s fast.  He’s officially faster than his mom.  He played basketball and t-ball this year.  Both a first.  He also learned what it’s like to be part of a team.

EDUCATIONALLY:  When Landon started kindergarten, he knew about 25 sight words and could write his name (slowly).  Now that he’s finished his year, this boy can read beginner books (without looking at pictures), knows over 200 sight words and can write sentences and short stories.  His artwork has gotten so much better where his art looks exactly like what he was trying to draw. He can add and subtract and is starting to ask about multiplication.

PERSONALITY:  Landon is still Landon.  He’s sensitive, steady, sweet, not a boat rocker, loving, caring and silly.  One new thing this year is my boy who used to always follow directions without question, now sometimes wants to question authority or push back.  He’s finding a new line and trying to push it to find out his boundaries.  We’re giving him a little room to try and push but not so much that he’s getting out of line.  It’s been a big adjustment for me to give him more room to figure things out by himself.  He’s also started to get more angry when things don’t go his way. When he was younger, it was a quick brush-off if the answer was no, now it might be pounding feet up the stairs or a yell that I’m not fair.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Learned how to play basketball.  The beginnings of understanding how baseball is played.  Ties shoes.  Completely night time potty trained this year (a little before he turned 6).  Started swimming a little bit by himself (this is new – as of June!) – he can do about 10-15 feet by himself. Can ride his bike for 6-7 mile rides.

Overall, this kid is awesome. I am so proud of him for a great school year. He is clearly loved by his classmates at school, plays hard all the time and is a peacemaker.  Watching him grow and become this mini man is something I’m so thankful for.  As frustrating as parenting can be at times, when I lay in bed at night I am so happy with the two boys God hand selected to be my sons.

Next up… first grade!


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