You’re a superhero: Brooks

Brooks, you’re a superhero. You have magic powers the rest of the world doesn’t possess.  You’re unique in your own special way.

B hero

Yes, he struck this superhero pose all on his own.

Your super powers:

Giving the best cuddles. I think you’d live in a constant snuggle if you could. Hugs at dinner time. Yes. Hugs before spankings. Yes. Hugs when we walk through the store. Yes.
The ability to find all the corners to run into. Really, you’ve hit the wall twice in a 10 minute window.  Like your papa, you live life watching the world around you, but not necessarily in front of you.
The fastest forgiver. I wish I could extend the quick grace you always extend to others.  I love how fast you forgive. Sometimes you ask me for forgiveness when it’s my fault.
Amazing food avoidance capabilities.  I don’t know how you can skip so many dinners!? That NDA definitely didn’t come from your mom.
Sneaky snacker.  You climb pantry shelves with the greatest of ease, much to your mom’s dismay.
Fearlessness.  Just like other superheros, you aren’t afraid to fail. In fact you think you’re awesome at everything you do.  We’ll work on humility in the years to come, but for now I don’t want to disrupt your confidence because in the real world (not superhero land) this trait serves you well.

Yes, I gave birth to one awesome superhero.


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