You’re a superhero, Landon.

Landon, you’re a superhero. You have your own awesome capabilities and powers that we wish we had.  I love watching you use your powers for good and not evil!

L hero

Landon has a casual superhero vibe.  A cool, calm hero.

His superpowers:

Peacemaker. You love the world to be in a happy medium all the time.  You are quick to stop mom and dad, even in a little disagreement, because you want calm.  You like when we resolve your punishment quickly.
Chore completer. When you have chores to do, you do them quickly and well.  You have a special gift for getting the task done and remembering recurring tasks.  I just love that I have a super-helper at the house always there to rescue me.
Master thinker.  You see the world through special eyes.  Eyes that regular people grow out of, but your eyes are special. They ask questions about things we see on the road and at stores.  You always want to know “why?” and “how?”
Spanking avoider.  I’m not sure how it’s possible to wiggle so much during discipline, but you do.
Athletic Prowess.  There is no sport you won’t try. And you have crazy good hand-eye coordination. Good thing you have your daddy’s athletic genes.
Energy.  I don’t know how you bottle up all that energy and keep it up all day, but you do.  There aren’t many superheros who can go for extended bike rides, then go home for more bike riding and catch.  And then ASK to skip rest time and hit the pool.  You must have a special superhero battery pack somewhere!

I love watching this superhero when he’s at rest and at play. He’s always on the go – looking out for others on the way. You’re my little superhero.



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