Landon Says: Parenting and Grandparenting

Landon got to have an extra special afternoon with Gigi after camp this week.  They ran some errands, hit the pool, got milkshakes and watched movies.  When I picked him up, I asked about his favorite part of the day – thinking it would be something at camp – and he responded, “I loved swimming with Gigi. I wish she could pick me up from camp every day and we could hang out.”  He smiled and went on, “She’s a really good Gigi… and you’re a good mommy,” he added, not wanting me to feel left out.

Of course, my heart melted a little when he said it. I added, “Yep, she IS a really good Gigi. You know when I was little, she was my mommy and she was a great mommy. She did all those same fun things with me.”

He looked out the window, almost wistfully and declared, “I bet she was a really good parent.”

I love his old soul.


Landon and Gigi – she’s been loving him well for 6+ years.


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