I love taking some time to be thankful.  Just a great reminder to be appreciative for all the things we have, both big and small.  I’m thankful for:

– a husband who does 98% of the driving.  He drove both ways to Maryland for our recent trip and even when we’re in town, he tends to drive everywhere we go.  For a girl like me who hates driving, I’m so thankful he does it.

– vacation days.  We are doing two trips this month – one to Maryland and one to the beach and I’m so thankful that we have vacation days to take. What a blessing to step away from work and recharge. And I’m so thankful for the family I get to take these trips with.  Both Dean and I are so lucky to have awesome family units to spend time with and I’m thankful that I married into a good one.

– an elliptical.  When it is pushing 100° outside in these Carolina temps, I love that I can hang with my new favorite show on the tablet and still get sweaty. Plus I don’t have to travel to the gym!

– speaking of favorite shows. I am thankful for Suits. I’ve gotten hooked on it and love seeing what Harvey and Mike are up to next.  So I’m thankful for Suits on the elliptical in my air conditioned house.

– the perfect work schedule for my husband.  He works early mornings to mid-afternoon (from HOME!) and it really works out great that when Landon gets off the bus or is done with camp, daddy is available.  Same thing with Brooks.  He doesn’t have to stay at school for 10 hours a day because daddy picks him up much earlier than I get off work.  Win. Win.

Love week at Elevation.  I love that our church encourages us to serve others and give back.  I can’t wait to serve for Elevation Love week with our family.  We’ll do some hours with our kids and some Dean and I will do with our eGroup.  I’m so thankful that I live two miles from such an awesome church that I look forward to going to each week.

– encouragement from my dad.  I’m so thankful that even though I’m 34 years old, I still get regular affirmation that he’s proud of me.  Granted I see him all week, every week, but he really encourages me well, even though I’m not his little girl anymore.  (Well, I’ll always be his little girl… but you know!)

– mint tea.  There is just something about summer that screams mint tea and I’m so glad that there is often a refreshing pitcher in our fridge.  It’s the little things that make life so awesome.



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