We are officially a training-wheel free home.

On 4th of July the training wheels officially came off for Brooksie Doodle Dean.  He said he wanted to wait until his Halfbirthday (on July 16) but we told him no need to wait two weeks!

b BIKEb bIKE2b bIKE3

He is so excited about his skillz!  And every day after school he comes home to practice.

He told me, “Mom, I’m going to practice every day so I can be good like Landon.  But you’re still going to have to help me on my loops, okay?!”  (Loops = Turns)

I’m so proud of him for working hard.  Where it’s easy to give up and have an attitude if you don’t get it the first time, this boy is so confident in himself and just got back up after the first few tries of falling off.

And Landon was the absolute awesomest cheerleader for his brother. He squealed, cheered, called us outside to watch his brother, etc.  It was awesome to see the excitement for Brooks. So sweet.

We’re still working on braking (a somewhat important part of bike riding!)… but so far, so good!

Full Disclosure: We’d tried to take them off two other times and he just wasn’t ready on balancing, despite trying a balance bike for a little bit.  But once we noticed he wasn’t leaning on his training wheels as much during rides, we knew it was finally time!


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