Courage is something you’re born with, not learned.  I think you have it or you don’t.  I believe God places an innate ability in you from the beginning of your life to be a courageous person – to step out in confidence and stand for what you think is the right thing, to stand tall in fear and to know your true self.  Yes, you can practice being more courageous if you don’t have the trait but your natural default is going to be conforming or fear.  But people born with courage – they have that extra edge.

Brooks has that true self-born courage.  He knows who he is.  He stands confident in his ability to try new things. He amazes me with his fearlessness.  No matter what anyone else tells him, he already knows what he believes.

B dixx

I love that about this boy. I love his daily courage.  I love he knows who Brooksie Dean is.


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