Maryland trip 2016 (1st Orioles game)

It’s no secret that my husband is an O’s fan.  And unfortunately baseball is one of those sports that lasts about 10 months and they play 11x a week!!  Seriously, Gary Thorne’s  (O’s commentator) voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me and I can hear it from all corners of my house!

So when we decided to hit MD for a summer visit (usually we just go at Christmastime), I knew Dean would love to go when the O’s were at home.  Dean’s brother scored great tickets and we all set out for a day at Camden Yards.


Note the pics of Brooks with Brooks.  No we didn’t name him after Brooks Robinson, at least I didn’t when I suggested the name, but I’m sure in hindsight that’s why Dean liked the suggestion.

Family selfie.  Funny that several of the pics I took of Landon that day, he’s drinking his Sprite (even see him to the far left in the panoramic above).  My mom pointed it out in the pics I texted that he’s drinking all the time. Must be because he never gets soda at home and he was overexcited about his special game day treat.


Love the last one with all the Dean boys. And note Brooks’ photobomb in the top right with his dad, uncle and Grandpop.

The O’s game isn’t all we did.  Brody (my nephew on that side) celebrated his 4th bday while we were up there so we hit the pool and also got plenty of play time in at both Grammy and Grandpop’s houses.

I didn’t bring my good camera (which always takes better pics of multiple children since it’s faster, so these were some of our best 4-cousin shots 🙂 )


Thanks for the fun MD! We’ll be back.




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