Seeing the blog in paper form.

While we visited MD last month, I was doing laundry downstairs and noticed something I’ve never noticed before.  My mother in law has always noted that she prints off all my blog posts and keeps them in a binder, but for the first time, I saw them.

They were sitting next to her computer in the basement. A stack of 5 or so large three ring binders with another in process.  Filled binders. Stacks of papers.blog1

I started this blog over 6 years ago.  A week before the birth of my firstborn.  I figured it was a great way to keep a mini journal of our life since it was about to be shaken up.  Our first baby was arriving and I knew there would be plenty of funny stories to share, pictures to post and memories to record.


And I’m so glad I started it.  There are plenty of times I look back on the blog to remember when a milestone occurred. Or when people ask at what stage my kids were doing something.  So much has happened in 6 years and over two very different kids that I tend to forget.


Especially the little stories.  The pictures that evoke a memory in time.  When they were little and I never thought they’d make it to 1, let alone 4 and 6.  Nights where I thought I wouldn’t survive newborn-hood.  Or the amazing moments I got to share with my sister from having our firstborns just days apart and the gift it was to experience that together.blog4 My mother in law has always said, she wanted to keep it printed out so that if something ever happened with the interwebs, we’d have it. But I realized the blog has been so much more than that.

It’s been a way for her (and other family members) to know the special small moments we experience each week. For her to see the big days that she doesn’t get to be part of because she lives 8 hrs away, and while she gets here for a lot, she can’t get here for all of it.

It’s been a way for friends and strangers to comment with a “me too” on a particularly transparent or honest post where I bare a little more of myself than even I expected.

It’s been such an amazing record for my kids so that when they ask me what they were like when they were babies, we get to go back together and relive some of the stories I’ve since forgotten.

Stumbling across that stack of binders was a reminder of the hours and hours of time that have been put into this blog over the past 6 years but also a reminder of the sweet memories our family has spent together – growing and changing but always kinda the same. #TeamDean



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