What our office looks like today.

It’s been on our to-do list for some time.  To transform and update our office.  It was especially important to get on the ball with this when Dean started working from home over a year ago.  To flash back, here are some pictures from the first months we moved into our house.  Our office space was a catch all for boxes of files and tech junk.  We had a small kid size desk that was from Dean’s childhood. And it was a medium avocado green.  Which I felt was too dark for the space. We also had carpet in here which we later changed out to match the other flooring in our home. (It’s Amtico Limewashed Wood  flooring.)

At this point, we decided it was time to get going on the office. You can see we’d started to pick out some sample paint colors, cleaned out the junk and painted.  A lot of this was recorded in this 2014 post as we went through the process.

BEFORE (circa Fall 2014):


We ended up with the Beach House paint color (bottom left of the colors above).

and here was our MID-AFTER (Nov 2014):

You can see the new paint color, cleaned out space and updated flooring. We also added some color to the closet and shelves for storage to get all those boxes out of the main office room:


So we pick up at the beginning of 2016 – Dean went away for his annual golf weekend with his dad and brother and I had the weekend to myself.  By this point, we’d bought a new ADULT-SIZED desk that we found online and loved!

If you recall my 2015 house goals, I’d really been wanting to add some molding to the sitting room we have near the office but after thinking about it, I thought since we got a big floating desk my original plans for some shelving in the office probably weren’t as good an idea since it would probably be a lot of bumping into those when people sat in the chair. (Also, pat on the back to myself for realizing that we got all of these goals completed and even a few of the extras – not all in 2015 but it’s done!)

So back to the focal wall idea.  I saw something on a few blog posts and pinterest for doing a molding wall and that’s what I wanted to do.  But instead of the sitting room, I decided to tackle it in the office.  While Dean was on his golf trip, I had my parents come over and help me get it done.  It actually went by pretty fast once we got a system.  My dad also helped get crown molding installed. So here’s where the office is today.

BEFORE & AFTER (2016):

This is the office in early January with the new desk in there.

office mold before

And here it is almost complete – I was doing the caulking in the first pic and the last pics you can see the molding wall really well.

office 2016


I really love how it turned out and I think it makes the office look a little more sophisticated without taking up the space of shelving systems.

Thanks to my parents because they really helped me get this done with the husband away.


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