We were alligator hunting.

We hit Seabrook Island (south of Charleston) for a week of relaxation with my side of the family and we had such a great time. There was tons of downtime. We had a pool at the house and beach and pool access in the community so it was really just perfect for the cousins.

The community had tons of lakes throughout it and there were a bunch of alligators.  We spotted several from our bikes and cars and of course, with Papa there took special trips to the lakes edge to look for them.

And the cousins would probably say the pools were the best part.  We had a little pool in the yard so they could wake up and swim or take a pre-bedtime float.

Some quick highlights:

1/Daddy and Landon in the pool
2/ The kids really improved on their swimming. By the time we left, Landon could swim about 15 feet across the pool by himself, face in the water and everything. This is huge since he could do zero swimming at the start of this summer.  Brooks also got the swimming bug and he could do some underwater kicking for about 10 feet.  Up next for him is adding arms and learning to take some breaths!
3/ There was also a nice sandy beach area right by one of the pools and the kids built castles and hit the waves.


4-5-6/ Beautiful facepainting artwork for the cousins while we waited for dinner.
7/ And an after dinner ice cream treat with Gigi.


8/ Angel Tree visit – underrated. You can’t climb or sit on the limbs so the kids were underwhelmed.  It looks cool but for little kids who don’t get to do anything at the tree, it wasn’t a highlight.
9/Alligator ‘hunting’ with Papa.  We probably saw 2 big ones and about 4-5 baby gators.
10/ Visiting the horses at the equestrian center.  We really loved biking all over the island with great trails and shady trees covering the way.


Thank you so much Gigi and Papa for hosting a fun summer adventure.  Some great memories were etched into sweet little minds who soaked up the fun.


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