I hope they tell him he’s an awesome dad.

At least a couple times each day, I recognize what a great job my husband is doing as a dad.  It’s not big, over the top things, but it’s the simple, everyday things that make him awesome. He may not even recognize some of the things he does, but I bet that one day those boys will look back and realize how awesome he is.

When my kids graduate high school and move on to their next phase of life, I hope they write a letter like this to him, because it’s all true.

You are the best.  I know lots of kids say that about their parents. But I realize they don’t know what they’re missing because they never had you.

You are a constant.  I am so thankful that you are in my life each day.  I appreciate the time we just hung on the couch watching the O’s games – talking about the pitches and players.  You were there each day when I hopped off the bus and each morning when I came down for breakfast.  (Unlike mom, she always slept in.;) ) I know not all kids have that stability in their household of an awesome dad who is always there, but I did.

You taught me hard work. In the office, on the field and in the home.  I know I complained about my chores and mowing the lawn, but I also know I’m a better man for it.  I’ve learned how to juggle responsibilities and that when I work hard I get to enjoy it with downtime too.  You led by example, always helping around the house and in the yard. Your actions spoke louder than your words.

You made time for me.  Yes, we also spent lots of time as a family, but there was a lot of special one-on-one time.  I know you didn’t have to do it, but you wanted to.  It was hours of you throwing me pitches at the field and time grabbing donuts together on the weekends.  I love that we had our own time.

You changed for me.  I know that I’ve changed a lot over the years, but I’m supposed to. I went from a baby to toddler to kid to teenager.  And that whole time you were an adult, an adult who was probably set in his ways, but you changed for me.  When I needed a night owl to help me with my middle school projects, you stayed up with me. When I needed an early riser for my 6am swim lessons, you were my early bird.  When I needed constant help learning the basics of life, you gave me your undivided attention, and when I needed space to learn my lessons and try and fail, you gave me that too.

You showed me the love of a dad and husband.  I’m thankful that you’ve shown me how I want to love my kids and my wife.  I want to be like you – an encourager, patient, disciplined.  Some of my best memories were all the nights you came to tuck me in and ask about my day.  We talked about ball and girls.  You gave me advice sometimes and other times you just let me talk and figure it out on my own.

So dad, thank you. Thanks for being the best. I know it wasn’t easy – you’ve told me more than once my brother and I are a handful! But you stuck with us and I’m pretty proud of where you’ve helped me go! I’m ready for the next stage of this big bad world.

I love you dad.



  1. If she was talking about her dad she would say you were always looking in the air, starting projects that didn’t always get done and dreaming big ideas. You would go in 10 directions at once and we knew mom was your perfect counter balance.


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