Love week 2016

Each year, our church (Elevation) hosts a week long love fest for our city.  We’ve done it every year (except for the first year). (Here are some of the things we did for 2014 Love week.  2013 Love week.)  There are thousands of projects we can sign up for – serving food, delivering furniture/food/goods, cleaning, packaging items, etc.

We always try to get a couple hours of service in and I hope that as our kids get older, our service level grows as their capability grows.  There are a lot of tasks that kids can’t do, but definitely enough for them to get out there and spread love to Charlotte!

This time, we prepped rice meals for Servants with Heart. I think as a church we prepped  a million of these meals. Awesome!  Landon and Brooks got to help this year and did a great job.  They measured, poured and delivered.  (In past years we’ve done this but they were often too little to really help. They “managed”.)


Another day we hit the Mens Shelter to play games and have an ice cream social with the people who stay there.  It was really sweet to see these big guys just love seeing the boys and connect with them over games. Plus the kids got ice cream too so they were in heaven!

And the last thing we did was prep sneakers for Samaritan’s Feet.  This one required kids to be older so just Dean and I did this with our couples eGroup.


I love that our church gives us easy opportunities to give back to our community and serve others.  This is a huge value I want to instill in our kids and I love that they enjoy these service opportunities.


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