Make new friends but keep the old.

Life has a way of moving so quickly that it changes and yet you don’t quite realize it until you look back.  It’s good to make progress, but it’s also important for me to reflect on what’s changed.  Over the years, the time between when I hang out with friends has grown increasingly longer.  The college friends that I lived with, talked to all day every day and shared every detail of life are still friends, but now when we talk, it can be a hurried 20 mins while I’m prepping dinner or they are on the road for a couples weekend away.  Even though the time and distance has grown a little bit, I love that I have old friends who can pick up right where we left off.  The conversation is always easy.

Recently, my sister invited a group of our college buddies – yes, my sister (and brother) and I went to the same college and had many of the same friends – and we all got to catch up on life, introduce S.O.s that hadn’t been met yet, and pull out the old photo albums to remember our college glory days.  It was hilarious and so much fun.  Remembering some of our old parties, boyfriends and stories made me go back and realize how easy life was and how much was shared with these girls.

old fr2

I laugh when I think about how much we shared with each other.  Literally every single detail of our day we weren’t together (which wasn’t too much since we took all the same classes) was recounted.  From seeing the hottest surfer dude on campus to an incident in the UNCW cafeteria, not a detail was spared.  We were typical college kids with about 3 hours of class a day and tons of free time.  (And given how much my husband loves to carry a deep conversation today, I forget how much time I spent just talking each day.)  As a house of girls, we talked about deep things – like the type of person we thought we’d each marry or personality traits that caused conflict in the house – but mostly we just cut up and laughed.  Gosh, we laughed a lot.


Now we don’t talk on the phone nearly enough to share all those little details but when we talk, it’s about the important things today – our families, our free time, our dreams and goals, frustrations we’re facing, etc.

I’m grateful that while we’ve all made lots of new friends, we’ve also been able to find ways to reconnect and stay in touch.

(And P.S. we were up until 2:30am – wow! That’s a very late night. We we’re practically college kids again!)


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