Picasso-esque Birdfeeders

My boys love a good craft.  This definitely is something they get from their momma, not daddy.  He brings the athletics, I bring the domestic fun – crafts, baking, etc.  It’s a good mix!

A couple YEARS ago, we did one of the Sat morning crafts at Lowes or Home Depot where you have your kids build something (i.e. they watch while mom and dad do it all!).  They made little bird feeders that sat in our garage until we did a big clean out last weekend. I found them and now that the boys are a little older, I thought it would be a fun thing to paint them and hang them. Particularly because Landon just had a camp where he made birdseed so the supplies were already in hand.


They each got to pick two colors (because mom didn’t want to have everything turn into a brown, muddy mess!) and it was off to work.

You may be wondering why my little Chippendale’s are in their skivvies for this painting party – “what kind of house does she run?!” Well, this is non-washable craft paint since we’ll be hanging it outside and I didn’t want them to ruin their clothes. So aprons and undies it goes!


It was cute because their end products very accurately represented their personalities. Landon had the perfectly distinct, stay in the lines,  colorblocking blue and gray.
Brooks went wild with the teal and yellow, swirling them together in some areas to make green and ending up with a beautifully abstract nesting place for his flying friends.


They really did great and I loved seeing their rule follower and rule breaker personalities shine through in their final work.


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