Sleeping boys.

These brothers.  There is a lot of love (and some fighting) between these boys.  And they often have a hard time agreeing on sleeping arrangements.

Brooks always wants to sleep with his big bro.
Landon tends to say no…a lot.  “Mom, Brooks talks too much and he keeps me awake.”

(Honestly, I can’t relate to this.  Growing up, I loved sleeping with my siblings. We’d stay up talking and laughing.  Mom and Dad would have to yell up to us to settle down. We’d make forts and tell stories. It was awesome.)  

Even if they start in the same bed, Landon usually comes in after 15 mins and asks me to send Brooks out because he’s keeping him awake.  He’s an old soul.

But sometimes, circumstances fall right into place where these boys sleep together and all goes well. Landon doesn’t kick his brother out.  Brooks doesn’t try to talk Landon’s ear off.

There is just this:


Two sweet brothers who snuggle right next to each other.


It’s a mental image I never want to forget.


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