Brooks-isms: Age 4

This boy.  God bless him.   He keeps us on our toes.


I really can’t make up stories like this:

“Mom, I gotta color these bananas.”

I hand him a yellow crayon.  Bananas = yellow, right? He takes it and gets to work.

“Mom, I need the black now. I gotta color all the black spots that are on my bananas.”

So, I guess he’s noticed that mommy serves over-ripe bananas in his lunch box.



We’ve been having some challenges over the past few weeks with Brooks’ behavior at school. Two or three days a week he’ll come home with YELLOW or RED behavior at school.  GREEN is good, YELLOW is medium and RED is bad.

He recently came home with a RED report and we had a talk about it. He got spankings and I told him that he’d need to apologize to his teachers the next day.

When Uncle Zak arrived for carpool the next morning, Brooks ran down and showed him his Ankylosaurus.  “This is my A-A-Ankylosaurus.” (It’s ‘A’ show-and-tell day this week.)

Then I asked Uncle Zak to remind Brooks to apologize for his red behavior yesterday.

Zak said, “A-a-apologize. That starts with A!” reinforcing the letter of the week.

Brooks turns to me and doesn’t miss a beat, “Mom, that’s why I got red. I wanted to A-A-apologize since it’s ‘A’ week.”

What?!!?!!??  Who is this kid?

Of course, I responded with… “Well, let’s have A-A-amazing behavior today for ‘A’ week.”


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