Fall business (busyness)

We have a busy fall in the Dean house. Our weeks are packed and weekends busy.

The kids are in swim lessons and it’s adorable.  They swim two days a week at the same club I swam at when I was growing up.  #TeamMAC


Landon is just finishing up his fall baseball schedule and he’s had a great time learning machine pitch.  He has really learned a lot more about the rules of the game and I definitely think he’ll want to play spring baseball – much to his dad’s delight.


(This action shot was taken by one of the dad’s on Landon’s team.
I love the tongue action – gets that from his Mom and Gigi.)

Basketball season starts for Landon soon and we’ll trade pitching and catching for layups and dribbling.

We also have a surprise trip to Disney coming up soon. I know the kids are going to be so excited.  We plan to just pick them up from school one day and hit the road – no warning!

We also need to hit the pumpkin patch so we can do a family hayride, carve pumpkins and get our fall decor put up outside.

It’s also the perfect time for hot tea (me), pumpkin coffee (Dean) and hot chocolate (the boys).  Chili and soup will make a regular appearance in the meal rotation, and the oven will start getting use again (cookies, muffins, etc.).

Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and we’ll be full on into the holidays – fall is really the BEST time of the year.

Fall Goals:
– get outdoor lighting set up for our house
– finish our dining room (we just bought a new farmtable and now it’s time to get the chairs and also get the junk out that is in our dining room)
– invite people over to enjoy our new dining room
– enjoy fall beers on our back patio area (now that the summer heat is over, it’s the perfect time to enjoy our back patio.)
– redo our half bath (my husband is NOT thrilled about another house project, but I’m ready to cross this off the list). It won’t be extensive, mostly paint and molding!
– a cousin sleepover – I’d really like to invite the cousins over one weekend when we’re in town for a cousin sleepover party!
– reorganize our playroom and playroom closet and get rid of all the outgrown items.


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