A blog break + my husband rocks

If you check my blog regularly, you’ll note that I’ve been on a little blog hiatus.  When things get hectic, to-do’s quickly fall off the list and blogging is one of those things.  (So is cleaning my toilets.)  Between kids sports/activities, bible studies, work stuff, vacation and other things, I just haven’t made the time.

But I hope that one day my kids will look back on this blog journal of their life, so it’s time to get some stuff up again!  I don’t know how regularly I’ll post – I’ve definitely slowed over the last year.  When I started blogging, it was 4-5 posts a week, every week.  But when you see crazy things happen to people around you, you remember that life is short and instead of spending time recording my kids, I made a concerted effort to just be with them.  To stop pulling out the phone to capture a shot and instead take a mental image.  As a result, posting slowed to a couple posts each week.

But a few people have commented recently asking about the blog and while it takes time to post, it’s also so awesome to go back and remember stories and funny things.  Certain pictures immediately draw me back to that day/moment and usually bring a smile to my face or cause a chuckle.

I also just want to take a moment to say that my husband is awesome.  While things have been balls to the walls crazy lately, he is a rock.  When I had to stay late at work and miss the kids’ events, he’s rocked swim lessons and baseball practices solo.  When I put too much on our weekend plate, he – without complaint – helps me check them off.  He’s handled more dinners than normal and I am just so thankful for him.  I appreciate all the little things he does each day and I love that my kids get him as their role model.  He’s a great husband and dad and I know they’ll be awesome husbands and dads one day as a result.



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