Disney Adventures

At the end of October, our family went on a great Disney adventure.  We spent two days at Magic Kingdom and a day just hanging out at the pirate-themed Disney Caribbean Beach Resort.  And it was all awesome.

We were careful to use our FastPasses and if we didn’t need them because the line was short, we cancelled them and saved them for later.  We lucked out on Splash Mountain lines and probably went down 10+ times in two days.  Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and Tomorrowland Speedway were also favorites.

Basically on Day 1, we tried to hit everything at least once and even got to do Splash Mountain with no line about 4 times.  Then on Day 2, we just made sure we did all our favorites all day long – like the Raceway – that the kids got to drive around over and over.

The kids had a ball and did so awesome.  They are 6.5 and 4.5 y.o. and although we left the stroller in the car as backup, we didn’t use it.  Day 1 they were high energy all day.  On Day 2, they made it about half the day and then there were some line meltdowns by the younger one but you could tell both were exhausted. (So were mom and dad!) According to my Fitbit we did about 8 miles on Day 1 and 6.5 on Day 2, so definitely a lot of on the go time for two little boys.

They’ve already asked if we can go back!  I think we’ll go again in a few years and by then they’ll probably be ready for Hollywood Studios.

Side story: Landon (6 yo) was terrified of the Splash Mountain ride the first time we went down – it was our 4th ride of Day 1.  He started crying after the big hill.  We bribed him with a funnel cake to go again and this time I told him to try holding his breath on the big hills – so he’d have something to take his mind off of it.  So, after that, for two whole days, this boy was a breath holding machine.  Every ride I’d look over on the “scary” parts and he’d be cheeks red and puffy, holding it in.  But it worked! And you can see in the pics below that by Day 2 on Splash Mountain, that boy had his hands in the air on the big hills!  (His first few ride pics are at the very bottom of the page.)


Landon holding his breath on the rides:



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