Welcome 2017.

Yes, I’ve been MIA for a while.  Maybe a month or so.  Life just got the better of me and I had a lot on my plate for the holidays, so I took the month to live in the moment.  I don’t think I took one picture on Christmas Day. Not of my kids or their presents or the stockings or our Dean Family Christmas Cinnamon Rolls.  Not one.  I just enjoyed the moments of our day.  The excitement of my kids opening their Nerf guns (the highlight gift of the Christmas holiday), visiting friends and family in town and out, enjoying a Charlotte December – where I was in tshirt and shorts for my Christmas week runs.

I think the best part of the holiday season is there was no gift finding stress.  This year, I just didn’t care. I put my husband in charge of all the gifts for his family and most of the gifts for our boys. I also really tried to cut back on the number of gifts we bought for our kids.  They just don’t need more stuff.  And while there were a lot less presents under the tree, I don’t think they felt one less ounce of Christmas joy.  It was awesome.  My boys have gotten to play together for about 2 weeks straight.  No school or preschool, just tons of family time. Cousin time. The four of us playing card games and I Spy.  Eating lots of donuts and cookies.  Watching Elf and Home Alone on repeat.

We just spent time together.  It was exactly what Christmas should be.  After all, I can’t think of a better way to close out 2016 and start 2017.

And in 2017, I hope I do a better job keeping up with my blog 🙂


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