5 is a big deal.

This week my youngest babe turns 5.  And I love how it’s a big deal for him.  In the past month, I’ve noticed an overall improvement in his behavior.  Less fighting at meal times.  Less fighting in the mornings.  (Notice I didn’t say none, just less. 🙂 )

Many mornings he hops out of bed, gets dressed, brushes his teeth and makes an attempt at his bed without any prompting.  When I commended him for a great job, he responds, “it’s because I’m almost 5.”

When I ask him to run up at bedtime and get a shower, dry off, hang up his towel and get pjs, he does it quickly.  Less fighting us to  go up the stairs.  And when I tuck him in and say great job on his bedtime routine, “It’s because that’s what 5 year olds do.”

This sweet, fun, compassionate boy of mine.  He loves being loved. Snuggles, affection, praises.  He openly soaks them in.  He gets up at dinner at least once a week just to give me a hug during the meal.  Many weekend mornings, I find him nestled next to me.  Sneaking in our bed around 7am for a weekend wake up.

He’s so tough.  Being the little brother does that to you.  He can hang for several rounds of “Fighter” – a made up game between he and big brother that involves a lot of wrestling.  And he’s not just physically tough but also mentally.  This boy has a strong will.  It’s a fine line to parent him so that he keeps this strength but can also be obedient.

I love that Brooks is so excited about life.  He wakes up each day with a smile on his face.  Ready to make the day awesome.  He’s my little optimist and I love that his joy is contagious.  I’m so excited about what 5 means for him.  It means he’s going to kindergarten this year. It means he gets to skip more naps.  It means he can earn allowance for chores. And it means he gets to start sports this year – spring baseball here we come.


Brooksie Bear, You are my favorite snuggler with the biggest heart. I love that you’ve started seeing “need” around you and wanting to change it.  You want to make our world better.

I love how you love being around people.  You’re this confident little boy who can do anything.  I cannot wait to see you do all sorts of new things this year – sports, kindergarten, special trips.  And because of your adventurous spirit, I know you’ll excel.  You’ll have no problem making new friends in school and on your teams.  You’ll work really hard in everything you do and I know you’ll make me proud.

There’s still so much in this great big world you haven’t seen or experienced and my goal as your mom is to expose you to as much as I can.  So here’s to another year of adventure.  Cheers to 5 baby boy!




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