Reading labels

I’m glad that my kids have learned a little about health and food nutrition in their short lives.  Both of my kids did a nutrition and health series in their preschool and when Brooks did the study last month, it really enforced healthy food habits and label reading at home.

I’ll often be in the kitchen prepping dinner, they’ll say “Mom, look, this has 11g of protein.” or “Mom, this ketchup has too much sugar in it.”

It’s also funny to see their perception of things that are unhealthy and not understanding how to read the whole label yet.  “Mom can I buy these potato chips, they only have 1g of sugar?”  Ummm… how about the 72 grams of fat?!

The other night I was upstairs with the boys getting ready for bed and we were working on some of their new bible verses.  I told them if they could recite 2 verses by the end of the week, I’d give them a special treat.  Without missing a beat, Brooks replies, “Mom, can we get money treats and not candy treats since candy is junky and not healthy?”


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