Recent weekend highlights

With my slack blog posting efforts, I’m going to throw a couple random recent weekend highlights into one post.  Straight from my camera phone – recent weekend highlights:


This was one of my favorite moments recently. Just me and my two boys sitting on the floor. This was shortly after Blouie Finn joined the family, so we were keeping him company in Brooks’ room.  The boys were sorting and trading their Pokemon cards. I was asking them important life questions – What was the best part of your weekend? If you could only eat one food for every meal what would it be? What’s better – basketball or baseball?  I’m a real life, Barbara Walters with my intellectual questions 🙂  No distractions, just heart-to-heart convos with these kids.


Pie Face was hilarious. Each time it would get close to Brooks, he’d pop his head back just in time and the whipped cream would fly over his head onto the floor.  Finally, Dean stood behind him and held his head in place.  That’s what I call good parenting! Plus, gotta love their Steelers gear!


Landon rocking out his basketball game!  I think this was the last game of the season.  He’s on the far right with a few of his teammates.  Waiting for what he calls the best part of the game – the star sticker rewards and snacks.  #kidsthesedays  #go13


Peanut butter-marshmallow-chocolate fondue.  Yes. Please.  It was delicious.  My favorite is definitely the bananas and the strawberries. Hmm… what would make this better? (A favorite question when eating meals with the Bradbury side of the family) Answer: Not much.


I found this apology note in the couch cushion.  He never gave it to me, but I found it and asked about it.  I wish I could call this #parentingwin but Landon did this all on his own.  Dear mom, I am so so sorry for being mean to you. Will you forgive me? My heart burst a little when I read it.


We finally scheduled our adults-only family date night (plus Jonas).  My parents treated us to an Escape Hour and it was so much fun.  Plus we escaped!  Sidenote: How hilarious is it that my nephew Jonas and Dean are matching!? (navy stripe shirt, khaki pants, brown shoes.)  The only thing Dean was missing was the ginormous blow out Jonas wore later at dinner. 🙂

So there you have it… fun weekend memories captured on my phone. Our life lately.


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