Part of the reason I wanted to post stuff on my blog again is so I can capture Brooks-isms.  That boy is so funny and the things he says are regularly the highlights of my day.

On biblical foods:
In our car leaving church
Me: Brooks, I see you answered a question in eKidz today, what did you talk about?
Brooks: They asked what food God gave Moses… and I guessed “bread”
Me: Wow, how did you know that was the answer?
Brooks: Because every time we read a bible story, they are always eating bread.

On guarding his cousin:
In the car on the way to his basketball game where his team is playing his cousin Lawson’s team
Brooks, out of the blue: Mom, you don’t have to worry, I’m going to go easy on Lawson, so I don’t guard him too much.
(this is a big deal because if you see these kindergartners in action, you know how hard B likes to guard his man – chasing him/her all over the court, with no regard for where the ball actually is!) 🙂

On distracted dinners:
Dean, Landon and I have finished eating dinner and are now holding a conversation on the couch. Brooks is at the kitchen table, still trying to eat his dinner.
Me: Brooks, please stop worrying about what we are doing and eat your food. This is the 4th time I’ve asked you to focus on eating. You haven’t taken a bite yet.
Brooks: But mom, your conversation is so interesting. I can’t help but pay attention to you guys.

On using nicknames on birthday cakes:
At the kitchen table discussing his birthday festivities.
Brooks: Mom, I want to bring a cookie cake for my class.
Me: What do you want it to say? Happy Birthday Mr Bear?
Brooks: No it can’t say Mr. Bear, mom, the kids at school don’t know my nickname.
Me: Ok, what should it say?
Brooks: “Happy birthday Brooks, I hope you have a really special day. You are awesome.”
Me: Hmmm… I think we’d need a bigger cake.



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