Boys will be boys

Who is going to watch chick flicks with me?

I’m a mom with no daughters.  This means I don’t really having shopping buddies in my household. Nor is there anyone who wants to go get their nails done the one or two times a year I do this.  I guess since I’m not girly girly, it worked out well for me to have boys.

But, who is going to watch chick flicks with me?

I saw Troop Beverly Hills was playing over the weekend, so of course, I had to record it.  It was one of my favorite movies as a little girl and I hadn’t seen it in at least 20 years.

I decided to ask my boys to watch with me.

They weren’t as impressed. But we didn’t get to the songs part… yet. So I’m still holding out hope that they’ll like some of the movies I grew up on.



Just living in this “all boys” world!

P.S. And yes, I am crazy and don’t like the “glaring tv brand light” on the front of my tv so I keep a postcard in front 24/7/365.  Don’t worry about that little blue light, it goes away when I turn the tv off – otherwise I’d have a postcard there, too 🙂


Parenting battle: Leaders vs. Followers

On a recent run, I had a realization about my parenting. (I think most of my realizations in life come on runs. I think that’s where God likes to talk to me.)  Lately, I’ve noticed my firstborn is really starting to “follow the crowd” at school.  He’s skipping out on participation and theme days because all of his friends aren’t participating.  This same boy who just a few months ago loved to do all the “extra” activities has now decided that he’s too cool to participate because his friends don’t want to.

I’ve tried to reason with him that it’s actually great practice to stand up and do what you do, even if your friends don’t think it’s a “cool” choice.  After all, the battles he’s facing now with peer pressure are nothing compared to what he’ll face in the next 5-10 years.  I want to set him up for success in life by being able to confidently make his own choices, even if no one else is making that same choice.  The ol’ “if your friends are jumping off a bridge” conundrum.

My realization came less with how things are going with Landon (my firstborn), but more with how I’m handling my secondborn – Brooks.  Brooks is the epitome of “leader” – that boy doesn’t follow any crowd.  When everyone else is playing a game, he’s completely content to go do something else he wants to do.  He has this cool confidence with his choices.  And the challenge is trying to “break him” of always doing things his way.

I realize that I have to be more careful with what I’m teaching him.  He’s a leader and outside of the box thinker, and I don’t want him to learn to “be part of the crowd”.  It’s really the balance of pushing him to lead but also helping him recognize times when he needs to follow (i.e. when the class is working on an assignment is not the best time to ‘do his own thing’).

I admire Brooksie’s confidence and the way he doesn’t do the same thing that everyone else does.  But with that means he’s going to defy my directions more often and push harder to do things his way.

Alternately, while Landon is a rule follower and often very quick to obey anything I ask him to do, I’ve also found he’s quick to follow the guidance of his friends.

Thus my parenting struggle, pushing one to disobey the rules a little more and gain more of his own voice, while finding small ways to keep my independent spirit in line so he isn’t always trying to run his own show and he knows when he it’s time to comply.

Two sons.  Complete opposites.  Parenting challenge.


The Joys of Boys

Dear Sons,

If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d love if you could separate your underwear from your pants when throwing them in the laundry.  I realize that this requires an extra 3 seconds of effort on your part, but I assure you, your pants and undies will be cleaner in the long run!


And in other news, I think it’s time for longer pants.  Someone had a big growth spurt:



Halloween recap: stick ’em up!

My kids are obsessed with police.  Brooks has been asking since the spring for REAL metal handcuffs.  Not plastic ones like kids have but police ones so he can “lock people up”.

When he had to answer the question and draw a picture of where he’d go if he could drive, he picked the police station.

If we’re out driving and he’s having a hard time getting his last buckle snapped, he’ll say “mom, don’t drive yet, I don’t want the police to take me to jail for not having my buckle on.”

My boys are constantly playing jail and bad guys.  And I can’t tell you how many “things” have become police objects.  Paper clips bent into little metal guns.  The collar from a stuffed animal turning into cuffs.

You can imagine how excited they were the day before Halloween when I pulled out their new costumes.  They had no idea I’d bought them cop outfits:

These sweet boys can arrest me any day of the week.

A boys and mom weekend

We had a “boys and mom” weekend recently. While Daddy headed to a golf getaway, I got to soak in all the little boy fun I could.

And we were busy:

Bike rides, runs, baseball games.


Skipping rocks on the nearby lake.

Donut date – just because.


Shopping and errands. (Mom had some coupons to use.)


Red Bowl dinner with the cousins, Gigi and Papa.


And several Food Network dessert cooking shows in moms bed at night.


It was a jam packed, filled to the brim weekend of fun.



Sleeping boys.

These brothers.  There is a lot of love (and some fighting) between these boys.  And they often have a hard time agreeing on sleeping arrangements.

Brooks always wants to sleep with his big bro.
Landon tends to say no…a lot.  “Mom, Brooks talks too much and he keeps me awake.”

(Honestly, I can’t relate to this.  Growing up, I loved sleeping with my siblings. We’d stay up talking and laughing.  Mom and Dad would have to yell up to us to settle down. We’d make forts and tell stories. It was awesome.)  

Even if they start in the same bed, Landon usually comes in after 15 mins and asks me to send Brooks out because he’s keeping him awake.  He’s an old soul.

But sometimes, circumstances fall right into place where these boys sleep together and all goes well. Landon doesn’t kick his brother out.  Brooks doesn’t try to talk Landon’s ear off.

There is just this:


Two sweet brothers who snuggle right next to each other.


It’s a mental image I never want to forget.

Picasso-esque Birdfeeders

My boys love a good craft.  This definitely is something they get from their momma, not daddy.  He brings the athletics, I bring the domestic fun – crafts, baking, etc.  It’s a good mix!

A couple YEARS ago, we did one of the Sat morning crafts at Lowes or Home Depot where you have your kids build something (i.e. they watch while mom and dad do it all!).  They made little bird feeders that sat in our garage until we did a big clean out last weekend. I found them and now that the boys are a little older, I thought it would be a fun thing to paint them and hang them. Particularly because Landon just had a camp where he made birdseed so the supplies were already in hand.


They each got to pick two colors (because mom didn’t want to have everything turn into a brown, muddy mess!) and it was off to work.

You may be wondering why my little Chippendale’s are in their skivvies for this painting party – “what kind of house does she run?!” Well, this is non-washable craft paint since we’ll be hanging it outside and I didn’t want them to ruin their clothes. So aprons and undies it goes!


It was cute because their end products very accurately represented their personalities. Landon had the perfectly distinct, stay in the lines,  colorblocking blue and gray.
Brooks went wild with the teal and yellow, swirling them together in some areas to make green and ending up with a beautifully abstract nesting place for his flying friends.


They really did great and I loved seeing their rule follower and rule breaker personalities shine through in their final work.