Friday Fun Facts

3 Randoms per Housemate

To let you know a little more about the people I live with, today I’m sharing three random facts/stories about the three crazy men I live with. Yes, my life is busy and fun and these three have lots to do with that.


1. Dean is a huge sports fan, but especially the Orioles and Ravens. (Yes, he’s from Baltimore!) He tries to ‘brain-wash’ our kids into loving Baltimore teams but lucky for them, mom knows better and puts a quick stop to it!

2. My husband is super athletic. In high school he was offered scholarships to a ton of schools to play baseball. Lucky for me, he ended up at the DUB (which was probably one of the ‘not as well known’ schools on his list – him being from Baltimore), otherwise, I don’t know that we’d ever have met.

3. He has the worst joints known to man. I am expecting a double knee replacement for him any time now. He’s had 4-5 (??) surgeries on his knees already and one elbow surgery.  This is probably one of the only areas I hope our boys DON’T take after him!


LRD older

1. Is a mac-n-cheese-aholic. This boy could eat mac n cheese every day for every meal. He loves all kinds – the cheap off brand, powdery stuff, the creamy foil pouch and moms homemade.

2. Loves being self sufficient. Each morning he dresses himself and picks out his own clothes. “Mom, I need some privacy” he tells me when he needs to use the bathroom. He loves getting his own drink and picking out  his bowls for food.  He buckles his own carseat and just wants to try and do everything all by himself. He’s growing up so fast!

3. Sleeps with a menagerie of at least 4 stuffed animals. In current rotation are a Christmas elf, his huge Mater pillow pet, two puppies, a small stuffed bear and of course, Chubby! And cannot be without his blankie at night. (Yep, he’s a Linus!)



1. Needs outside time every day. Something about fresh air just does something for this boy and he has such a better day when he gets at least 30 minutes outdoors.

2. Like his brother, he can’t sleep without his blankie but rarely has more than that. He’s very particular about his bed routine and if I introduce something new – like a warmer blanket recently for the winter months – it takes time for him to adjust.  The first time I brought it out, he said, “get that blue blanket out of here!”

3. Falls all-the-time!  He is the most clutzy kid!  I think it has to do with the fluid in his ears all the time, because he is constantly running and falling all over the place. He falls out of chairs, he trips all the time and just is generally flailing a lot!  Hopefully this is a stage he’ll grow out of, otherwise Daddy’s dreams of a little athlete may be dashed!



Friday Fun Facts: By the Numbers

It’s been busy lately with lots going on lately… here are some “by the numbers” quick facts on the Dean’s:

1 – days until Landon and Harleigh’s 3rd Birthday (celebrated on their halfbirthday) Suessville Extravaganza. Yes, I’m sure there will be plenty of pics and party details coming soon on the blog!

569 –  the number of hours Heidi and I have spent planning the little ideas and details for the party. (ok, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but it seems we are constantly texting and calling each other for party prep stuff!) I can’t wait for them to enjoy all the fun things we have planned for their special day.  Age 3 is definitely the year kids really understand what birthday parties are all about – so I know they can’t wait!

5.1 – number of miles I ran during my Monday night run – this is the farthest I’ve run since before I had Landon.   Also, considering the furthest I’ve ever run is like 6.5 miles – this is a “long distance” for me.  I’m hoping to keep logging in more miles in my book so that I’m ready for the Trot on Thanksgiving morning!

18 – (or so…) The number of ear infections Brooks has had since birth -and he’s only 1 1/2.  This one is a double. Seems he never quite cleared up from his last one at the beginning of the month.  His one tube is blocked so it’s going to hard to get it to heal until we see the ENT.  Argh!

9 – days until we get to eat at a restaurant again. And I know Dean really wants to! (and candidly, sometimes when we’re out and about I just want to stop too instead of cooking when I get home.) But, this has definitely made me realize that it’s actually not that hard to eat in more and just take 5 minutes to make a sandwich at home instead of hitting a quick bite on the way.

3 – days of school Landon had this week. Yep, he added Wednesdays starting this week – so now he’s with his school buddies (and BFF Harleigh) three days a week and he’s loving it.  He’s also loving his days at home with Kristine and Aidenn so he’s a happy camper in life, right now!

10 – is what Brooksie can count to.  Dean came up to me this week and said, “Did you know Brooks can count to 10?”  I told him Kristine had been working with him on it and he’d been doing really well.  Dean found out when he was trying to distract a fussy Brooks in the backseat and he started rattling off, “one, two, three…” and Brooks jumped in to finish it… “four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

70 – degrees. As in we’ve had some temps in the 70s and low 80s in the Carolinas… in August. Yes, this is crazy for us – and I love it.  I’ve worn jeans twice in the past week and I usually don’t break those out until October.  It’s been a fun change of cooler weather in what is usual our hottest days of the year.

Yes, it’s been a busy and fun month for the Dean’s and I’m sure September will be even crazier!! 🙂

Friday Fun Facts: Favorites Lately

Don’t you sometimes get into little routines or modes where certain things are your absolute favorites for a length of time and then after a while your favorites change and you have new things you’re into.

Here are some of my favorite things lately:

1. Cold brew tea – I got some Twinings Cold Brew Green Tea with Mint Iced Tea bags and I am loving them.  Iced tea is so summery and I love that I don’t have to have hot water to brew it, it cold brews itself in a few minutes.

2. Practicing animal sounds. This is Brooks’ favorite right now too and it’s just too cute. “Cow – mooo, Pink – Onk onk, Horse – Neiiigh” His voice is so sweet and the extra “sounds” he inserts into his animal sounds is just precious.  I keep telling myself to get this on video now because soon enough he’ll be moving onto the next thing.

3. Running.  Lately I’ve been getting into my groove with running and I’m definitely running farther and faster than I have since before Landon was born. (Which is not to say much since Landon just turned 1 when I got preggo with Brooks so I was in preggo, then breastfeeding, then preggo mode again.) But man, the cooler evenings have been a great way for me to get out and hit the pavement.  I have a goal to run the Turkey Trot this year (it’s been several years since I’ve done that). The Turkey Trot is an 8k – about 5 miles – and lately I’ve been able to do a few 4+ mile runs, so I think that is a reasonable goal.  With my knees always killing the day after I run, I’m hoping to find a fix for that too so I can run pain free again!  Maybe my bucket list item of running a half marathon isn’t quite as crazy as it was about a year ago!

4. Fudge Mint Oreos.  Man these things are delicious, they’re like a souped up Thin Mint.  It’s an Oreo cookie for the bottom, topped with a mint Oreo crème and then covered in fudge.  So good.

5. The Book of Joshua.  Since my ladies group wrapped up for the summer, it’s been on me to try to keep a consistent quiet time.  I decided to read through Joshua and Matthew this summer and since I just finished Joshua, I will say that it’s been so revealing to me the things that God is showing me.  Lately, I’m trying to do a better job of saying YES to God, even when it sounds crazy.  After all, Joshua often followed God’s command even when it wasn’t a “normal command” – seriously, walk around the wall 7 times blaring your horns and the walls will fall?!

6. Castle – the cop drama. Yes, I’m officially obsessed. I’m still recording tons of TNT re-runs to get caught up and Dean is always making fun of me for being so obsessed with the show.  When the kids are in bed and the chores are done, you can guarantee I’m up there catching up on an episode – and Dean tells me he likes it because it “helps him sleep!” ha

What about you – what are your recent favorite things?

Did you know?

To let you know some of the little known intricacies of Ginger, I am sharing 5 random facts about myself today:

1. I don’t use umbrellas.  I’d rather run in and out of the car quickly and get a little wet (or a lot – depending on the downpour level) than to try to fiddle with opening and shutting an umbrella and getting in the car, while holding an umbrella outside of my car, trying to close it.

2. When it comes to icing more is better. I know many people say that there is too much icing on their cake/cupcake.  For me, I’d rather have 2/3rds icing (vanilla buttercream, if you’re asking) and only 1/3 cake (chocolate, if you’re asking).  I love the sugary sweetness of a big bite of icing with just a little bit of moist cake to mellow it.

3. I am currently addicted to Solitare. I added it on my phone a few months ago and I play it all the time.  Sometimes at night, when I’m trying to fall asleep, I envision a game and the moves I would be making.  It’s causing me to miss out on sleep… I’m gonna have to reign it in!

4. I feel naughty (like a rebellious teenager) when I sometimes eat midnight snacks in bed.  Growing up we were not allowed to take food out of the kitchen, so on the rare occassion that I want a late night treat, I run downstairs and grab something and bring it up into bed.  Whether it’s a handful of crackers/chips or a bowl of something sugary – I feel like I’m getting away with something.

5. I have an Elevation Church sticker on my car and whenever I cut across the lane late or do some kind of bad driving move, I always feel guilty.  Like, please don’t judge Elevation for my bad driving move.  Knowing it’s on there definitely makes me think twice about cutting someone off.

So now you know… 5 random things!

Friday Fun Facts: The Dean Boys

1 – Lately, I’ve been working on a family mantra to help define our sons and our expectation for their behavior.  I have been repeating it to Landon regularly so that it becomes engrained in his mind… “Dean boys are loving, Dean boys are respectful and Dean boys are obedient.”  I really want them to understand why there are consequences for actions that don’t follow these guidelines.  While they are just three statements, I think they encompass even more… being loving isn’t just saying I love you – it’s sharing with others even when you want to be selfish, it’s letting someone else take the first turn.  Being respectful is more than treating elders with respect, it’s also respecting yourself and your body, it’s respecting individual traits that God gave us.  And being obedient is not just with mom and dad, but to God and to other adults, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannys, teachers, etc.  I hope that with continual repetition, they will be able to put these statements into action.

2 – I really love seeing the boys interact with each other.  While Landon has been occasionally challenged when it comes to letting Brooks use the baby toys and Landon use the big boy toys, he really does a great job teaching his brother how to play with the exersaucer or shows him how the dangly things on his activity mat work.  I love that they really enjoy this time together and I know that in just a few more months, it will get to be even more fun for the both of them as Brooks will be able to start enjoying the toys on his own!  Landon loves the audience and Brooks thinks his brother hung the moon!

3 – Our pool opens this weekend and I know that Landon can’t wait.  When Landon was a little baby, he really enjoyed spending time in the pool and I think Brooks will do the same.  I can’t wait to see how Landon progresses over the summer with his comfort in the pool.  If it’s anything like the way he plays – it will be NO FEAR!

4 – My kids are big EATERS!  I’ve recorded many times on this blog Landon’s love for food and his excellent eating habits.  Hopefully, I’ll be saying the same for Brooks.  We started him on baby oatmeal this week and know that it’s only a matter of time before he is enjoying more meals in solid form.  Yay for Brooksie on this new milestone and hopefully this means that I will start getting some better sleep, after two months of excellent sleeping, the last two weeks have been tortourouss with a ravishing baby waking up at 1, 2 or 3am most nights ready for his meal!  Hopefully adding cereal will help him get back into his better routine! 🙂

Happy weekend ya’ll!

Friday Fun Facts: Big/New Things

Happy Friday all! 

There are lots of big things and new things going on in our household… here’s the latest in our world:

1 – A certain male toddler with curly blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes will be turning 2 next week.  I cannot believe I have a two-year old!  Amazing how fast we’ve gotten here… I know, I sound cliche… but it’s true, time flies!

2 – Miss Rama, Landon’s nanny for the past 18 months, will be moving away.  Her last day was last week and I just cannot believe that she’s going.  She’s spent more (awake) time with my child in the past 18 months than I have, and I will miss her dearly.  (Special shout out to her coming next week!)

3 – My BFF is gettin’ hitched!  Dean and I will be taking our first roadtrip with both boys to attend the festivities – so that counts as double as far as “big things” – First Roadtrip as a Family of 4, then BIG celebration weekend for CMS!!

4 – Our new nanny started this week – Miss Kristine – and so far, things are going great!  I think that she will do an excellent job with the boys and I’m excited that with her start, I will begin getting back to a more normal work schedule in the next couple weeks… I think my brain is ready for it! 🙂

5 – My sister has an official “end date” for her pregnancy so like it or not, Little Boy Kamm will be arriving in the next two weeks!  Brooksie can’t wait for a playmate his size!

6- We were supposed to have our first family photoshoot this weekend, but it looks like that will not be happening… gotta get a reschedule on the calendar ASAP! 🙂  Then I can update my blog header!


Friday Fun Facts: The Big Brother

Landon, I cannot believe that in just a month, you will be turning two.  It’s been amazing to see you grow mentally in the past 6 months.  I feel like the first year of your life was all about your physical development, learning to nurse, sit, crawl, stand, walk, hold a fork, jump, etc.  For the past six months, I’ve seen you change so much mentally – you started talking more and asking for things you want.  We usually don’t have to guess what’s bothering you because you can tell us. 

Here are a few fun facts about what you are doing and loving lately:

1- You LOVE working on your puzzles.  You’ve gotten so good at putting the pieces in and also saying what animal they are or making the sound.  You also have been working on your colors and you always let us know about your “blue ball” or “green cup”.

2- Whenever you get hurt or bump something, you always come over to us and say, “kiss” to request a kiss on the offended area.  As soon as we give a kiss, you tell us, “aw bedder (all better)”.  It’s adorable.  I still cannot get over how tough you are.  You rarely cry unless you’ve really hurt yourself (i.e. there is blood!)

3- You are in love with “pencils” which are the bathtub crayons you got for Christmas.  You love drawing all over the shower walls and making beautiful masterpieces.

4- You are getting better about knowing when you need a diaper change and grabbing out a diaper and laying down for us so we can change you.  I am really hopeful that this summer will be your time to shine when it comes to Mr. Potty!

5- You are so loving and caring with your brother.  If Brooks is crying, you always want us to take you to him so you can help comfort him or see what is wrong.  You also always try to help him with his paci or bottle when you can.  If he’s nursing you will say, “Baby eating!”

6- Your memory is getting so good.  We might do something once and next thing you know you are doing the same thing.  You are our little copycat.  Whether it’s making daddy’s coffee or helping with laundry, you remember how to do everything!

7- You love getting dizzy and roughhousing.  You can do “Ring around the rosie” forever and you also love to play lion and attack Papa.  You are very brave and never cower away but you always go in for the kill!

You are just an awesome little kid and I am so proud to see you grow and change as you learn new things!