Make new friends but keep the old.

Life has a way of moving so quickly that it changes and yet you don’t quite realize it until you look back.  It’s good to make progress, but it’s also important for me to reflect on what’s changed.  Over the years, the time between when I hang out with friends has grown increasingly longer.  The college friends that I lived with, talked to all day every day and shared every detail of life are still friends, but now when we talk, it can be a hurried 20 mins while I’m prepping dinner or they are on the road for a couples weekend away.  Even though the time and distance has grown a little bit, I love that I have old friends who can pick up right where we left off.  The conversation is always easy.

Recently, my sister invited a group of our college buddies – yes, my sister (and brother) and I went to the same college and had many of the same friends – and we all got to catch up on life, introduce S.O.s that hadn’t been met yet, and pull out the old photo albums to remember our college glory days.  It was hilarious and so much fun.  Remembering some of our old parties, boyfriends and stories made me go back and realize how easy life was and how much was shared with these girls.

old fr2

I laugh when I think about how much we shared with each other.  Literally every single detail of our day we weren’t together (which wasn’t too much since we took all the same classes) was recounted.  From seeing the hottest surfer dude on campus to an incident in the UNCW cafeteria, not a detail was spared.  We were typical college kids with about 3 hours of class a day and tons of free time.  (And given how much my husband loves to carry a deep conversation today, I forget how much time I spent just talking each day.)  As a house of girls, we talked about deep things – like the type of person we thought we’d each marry or personality traits that caused conflict in the house – but mostly we just cut up and laughed.  Gosh, we laughed a lot.


Now we don’t talk on the phone nearly enough to share all those little details but when we talk, it’s about the important things today – our families, our free time, our dreams and goals, frustrations we’re facing, etc.

I’m grateful that while we’ve all made lots of new friends, we’ve also been able to find ways to reconnect and stay in touch.

(And P.S. we were up until 2:30am – wow! That’s a very late night. We we’re practically college kids again!)


Flashback Friday: Studio 54


Studio 54

I went to school on the coast of North Carolina in a little college town.  After my sister got into the same college I did – UNC-Wilmington, my parents decided that instead of paying a ton of money for on-campus housing for two kids, they would buy a house we could live in with our friends through the college years.  (It became an even better investment after my brother ended up going to UNCW –  So we all got to use the house!)  Enter Studio 54 – the nickname we gave for our home.

Last weekend, my BFF sent me picture (above) of the house.  I didn’t even know she’d made a trip to our college town so it brought a huge smile to my face. Studio 54 was the location for many a late night – either partying or cramming for a test – usually more of the former, meeting tons of new friends, reminiscing about what our lives would be after college, 5, 10 or 20 years later and learning the responsibilities that come with living on your own and being responsible for the choices you make.

When she sent the picture, two things ran through my head: 1) I was shocked by how big the tree had gotten out front – and it reminded me that it’s been over 10 years (nearly 11) since I graduated and 2) brought back so many fun memories of ‘easy-street’ living.

I lived just 5 minutes from the beach. My high school really prepared me well for college so although classes were challenging, I never felt overwhelmed with the amount of work required, and I had a lot of free time on my hands to live life.  I met so many fun people who created so many hilarious memories of those 4 years.

Now that I’ve slowed down my lifestyle – it’s rare that I hit the bar for a night on the town – and have the responsibilities of a family, homeownership, career, etc; I still reminisce often of the awesome life I got to live through college.  I always say that if I ever had the chance to just relive a week of my life again, I would pick my college years.  I’d spend time at the beach, I’d hit my classes (and pay better attention), I’d socialize and go out with friends, and just have more of the meaningful conversations that filled those days.

For me, college was such an exciting time to gain knowledge, have so much social time and really learn to manage myself and my life – without the full burden of responsibility that comes with adulthood (i.e. a mortgage or 40 hour a week job).

If you could relive any one week of your life, what would it be?


“Mawwaige is what bwings us togwether today…”

This weekend I get to stand by my BFF while she marries her Prince Charming.  I am so thrilled for this milestone weekend as they celebrate together and make the commitment to love each other for the next 50+ years!

If I could offer words of wisdom to her and her hubby (based on my limited 3+ years of happiness) it would be this…
…make it your own – you each grew up with your own set of values, beliefs and traditions – now it’s time to blend them together and come up with whole new set – the Team B way of doing things.
…have fun together – take lots of date nights, spend time just chatting at night in bed, make each other laugh.  It’s easy to forget to ‘work on it’ like you did when you first started dating, but making time for the two of you is so valuable.
…every day you have to choose to love your mate… a lot of days it’s easy – some days it’s hard.   Working through those hard days will be the glue that makes your marriage stronger.

Congrats C and D!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys this weekend!

(We have about 9 billion pics together… Here are a few pics of her and I during my wedding weekend. And now we’ll get to add to our collection with a few of her in the white dress!!)

Surprise Party – Details

Here are some of the pics of our set up at the 50th surprise party. It was fun to try to think of things to add as the event grew close.

Some things you didn’t see:  lots of appetizer snacks and a BBQ dinner, cute ‘popcorn-topped’ cupcakes, our adorable invites – they turned out so great, a photobook full of 50 years of memories.

What the Picture Should Say: Ladies Man

This is a shot taken by J’s mommy at Landon’s birthday party.  There were lots of cute ladies in attendance and Landon loved hanging out with them!

J: “Landon, I totally love your hat.  It looks good on you.”
L:  “Thanks J! I try.”  (Eyes rove to another cutie, K, who toddles by.)
J:  “Landon, I totally saw that… you’re checking out that other girl.  Look at you flirting with her.”
L:  “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!”

Happy, Happy Birthday BFF

My BFF turns the ‘Dirty Thirty’ today… We’ve been BFF’s since she turned 19!  So crazy to think we’ve celebrated 11 birthdays together.  I am thankful for so many things – she listens, offers advice, makes me laugh, shares wisdom, reminds me to be thoughtful, gives of her time/talents/efforts/etc.

There are so many things that are almost guaranteed whenever we’re together: LAUGH, EAT, TALK, HANG OUT, GRAB A DRINK, LAY OUT AT THE POOL/BEACH, DEDICATE OLD SCHOOL SONGS, EAT REESE’S, SHOP and EAT!  She can make me laugh hysterically over the littlest things and I can always trust her with my ‘dont tell anyone…’ news!

Cheers to an amazing best friend! I can’t wait to celebrate you in just a few days!