Interview with Landon: Age 4

I love asking my kids questions and giving them little “interviews” throughout the week. Asking their favorite part of their day. Asking what they want to be when they get older. Talking about their current favorite things.

I’d like to record some of these little interviews on my blog over time so that I can look back at them and see how their answers change over time.

A short interview with Landon (while I was tucking him into naptime recently):

Me: Landon, what was your favorite thing about today?
Landon: When I saw those dump trucks outside.

M: What do you want to be when you get older?
L: I’m gonna drive a tow truck – no wait – I’m going to drive a trash truck. I’m going to go and pick up everyone’s trash in my truck. And you know what, Brooks can be a tow truck driver because he likes ‘Mater so much.
M: So you think Brooks would be good towing cars around and helping them.
L: Yep and he can drive backwards like ‘Mater.

M: And who is your best friend?
L: Mommy
M: That is sweet, baby. And who is your best friend outside of family – so that means it can’t be mommy, daddy, Brooksie, Harleigh, Lawson, Isla, or your aunts, uncles etc.
L: Daddy
M: It can’t be in your family. It has to be someone who isn’t part of our family.
L: Ok – I’ll pick Brooks.
M: He’s still in your family.
L: Oh, then I’d say Julia (one of his friends from school).
M: And why do you like Julia?
L: Umm – she’s nice to me. (Very rigorous criteria for picking his friends)

M: And what is your favorite food?
L: Mac and cheese. It’s so delicious.

And there you have it. The makings of an engaging interview with Mr. Landon Robert (age 4)


An interview about the birthday kids

Today Harleigh turns 4.
Friday-ish Lawson turns 2. (He’s a Leap Day Baby – hence the ‘ish’).

In honor of the birthdays this week, I decided to interview my kids about the birthday kids.

Interview with Brooks:
Me: What is your favorite thing about Harleigh?
Brooks: Lawson
hmmm… ok your favorite thing about the birthday girl is her brother?!

M: What is your favorite thing about Lawson?
B: Trucks…vrrooooommmm
so, he’s not just using you for your trucks, Lawson…

M: Do you like playing with Lawson – is he your favorite?
B: I like Lawson rides choo choo train.
again… just using you to get to your playthings.


Interview with Landon:
Me: Landon, what’s your favorite thing about Harster?
Landon: Going with her to the library

M: What is your favorite game to play with Harleigh?
L: Natscotch.
M: Natscotch – how do you play that?
L: Oh, you know, where you hop on one foot.
M: Oh, you like HOPscotch.

M: What do you love about Lawson?
L: Playing with all his presents.  He shares them with me.
Hmm… no ulterior motives there.

M: Who has the best birthday this week?
L: me.

M: What would Harleigh say she loves best about her BFF Landon?
L: That she gets to share with me.
Never one to shy away from the truth. Of course everyone just LOVES sharing with you!

M: Well, what would Lawson say he loves best about you?  Are you a good friend? Do you treat him nicely?
L: Lawson really loves me. I always make him laugh.

Happy birthday Har and Laws… we love you guys bunches!

Love, the most well intentioned cousins ever!




An Interview: Landon

My almost 2 1/2 year old (yep, only a few weeks until his halfbirthday!) and I got to spend some quality time together this week running some errands around town.  It was so fun to have my little buddy with me and it was nice to only have one kid to buckle in/take out/carry around/keep an eye on. 

Landon loves special one-on-one time and Dean and I both make a point to do some little things with him regularly – whether it’s a ride to drive by a potential house for sale, going to SC (only a couple miles away) to fill up on the cheap gas, or a quick run to the ‘sto-‘ (store – yes sometimes I try to teach my kid the slang terminology for things… it makes me laugh), he really loves to be the special “only child”.

During the car ride, I decided to interview Landon – here’s what he had to say:

Mommy:  What is your favorite color?
Landon:  uh… I like orange.
M: Wow, orange is pretty, I like orange too.  What other color do you like?
L: Red

M:  Landon, what is your brother’s name?
L: Brooksie
M: What is your mommy’s name?
L: Mommy (I’m sure he was thinking – man, that was an easy one?! she said it in the question.)
M: What is your daddy’s name?
L: Landon
M: No, that’s your name, what is your daddy’s name?
L: Jason Dean

M: Do you like butterflies?
L: yes
M: Do you like bees?
L: Yes
M: What is your favorite animal?
L: I like pigs – oink, oink.  I like chicken.  I like Puppy dogs.  I LOOOVE cats. 
(Hmmm – weird because I hate cats (except people named Cat 😉 – I wonder where you got this undying affection, I don’t even know if you’ve seen one in the past year.)

M: What is your favorite sport?
L: What is your favorite sport? (Often, when he doesnt understand the question, he just repeats it back to me. i.e. “Landon, why are you in time out?”  “Why are you in time out?”)
M: Do you like basketball, football, golf, soccer?
L:  I like basketball. I like soccer ball. I like football.  I like basketball.  I like golf.  I like basketball.  I like cake.  I like bolleyball (volleyball). I like basketball. 
(I see what you did there, trying to sneak in cake – a subliminal message that you want some cake, huh?  And clearly, you like basketball.)

M:  What is your favorite food?
L: Yogurtttt!!
L: And Cottage Cheese.

M: What is your favorite fruit?
L: Yogurt.
M: Yogurt isn’t a fruit.  Fruits are watermelon, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, apples, bananas.  What is your favorite fruit?
L: Screaming… YOGURT!
(Ok, we’ll skip that question.  Maybe he’s counting “fruit on the bottom yogurt” in this question.  I’ll give him half credit.)

M: Who is your favorite cousin? 
L: Lawson
(I was certain the answer to this was going to be Harleigh – the only cousin his age – his favorite play buddy – the peanut butter to his jelly.  Nope.)

M:  What is your favorite book?
L: I like Elmo book.  I like Peas book.  I like the Bible. 
(a wide variety – Sesame Street, Veggietales, Word of God.)

Oh Landon, I love how you make me laugh. I love the way you ‘raise the roof’ and shake your booty to your favorite songs in the backseat. I love your wit.  I love your silly personality.