Kids say the Darndest Things

Brooks Says: I keep telling her…

A real conversation in our car the other day.

(Sidenote: My mother-in-law is overly generous and is always bringing toys, clothes, shoes, gifts, treats, etc for our kids when she visits.)


Brooks:  When is Grammy coming down to visit us? I want her to bring us some presents.

Me: Brooks, that isn’t a good attitude. I don’t want you to expect gifts every time Grammy comes down to visit.  You should want to spend time with her, not ask her to buy you stuff.  I’m going to tell her not to bring any gifts next time she comes down to visit.

Brooks:  I don’t know what’s wrong with her.  I keep telling her to buy adult stuff, but she keeps buying kid stuff when she comes down her.




Brooks says: Getting big muscles


This boy is too observant.

Brooks looks over at Dean one day, while Dean was doing P90x, and said “dad, if you want to get really big muscles, you have to take your shirt off.”

So now, whenever he wants to exercise with daddy, he takes his shirt off.  I guess Brooks realizes all the guys with really big muscles are usually shirt free showing off their six pack.  And he’s right – you don’t see many obese guys dying to show off their bod with no shirt, just the ripped ones!

Five year old correlation.

Reading labels

I’m glad that my kids have learned a little about health and food nutrition in their short lives.  Both of my kids did a nutrition and health series in their preschool and when Brooks did the study last month, it really enforced healthy food habits and label reading at home.

I’ll often be in the kitchen prepping dinner, they’ll say “Mom, look, this has 11g of protein.” or “Mom, this ketchup has too much sugar in it.”

It’s also funny to see their perception of things that are unhealthy and not understanding how to read the whole label yet.  “Mom can I buy these potato chips, they only have 1g of sugar?”  Ummm… how about the 72 grams of fat?!

The other night I was upstairs with the boys getting ready for bed and we were working on some of their new bible verses.  I told them if they could recite 2 verses by the end of the week, I’d give them a special treat.  Without missing a beat, Brooks replies, “Mom, can we get money treats and not candy treats since candy is junky and not healthy?”


As I mentioned last week, our life has been hectic lately.  Well, this post is going to be just as hectic.  Some random stories and highlights from our life lately:

Landon was out of school for Election Day so he went to the polls with Dean and I.  We talked about the voting process.  Then that night, we participated in a much more delicious vote that the kids actually cared about:
Which cupcake is the best?


Brooks loves to look over at the glassed-in parent section whenever he’s doing his lesson to make sure we’re watching him.  I love watching him get more confident and capable in the water.


Somebody decided they needed a haircut, so they took it upon themselves to give one spot in their head a nice tight trim.  He was supposed to be in his room for timeout. Oh, Brooks!


Brooks had to disguise his turkey so he wouldn’t get caught and eaten for Thanksgiving.  He wanted to do a crocodile but we couldn’t figure out how to do that, so we went with a rainbow/leprechaun theme. Mostly because we wanted to use sparkle glitter and glue and that seemed to fit. The best part though, is when I saw them hanging in the hall and noticed the name Brooks gave to his turkey:  “Turtle the Leprechaun”  Seriously, I wonder what it’s like to be in his brain! 🙂


We were recently in the greeting card section of Target. I was checking out the funny cards and the kids were picking cards and asking me over and over to read them outloud.  I did a few and then told them to just let mom do some quick reading of her own so we could get out of there.  While I was reading the cards, Landon started reading a few on his own.  And he can definitely read now…

He starts outloud, “Have a g-ood damun birth-day.”  His eyes get wide as he looks over at me.  “Mom, what does that word say”, pointing to ‘damn’.  I confirmed that it was, in fact, damn.  He replied, “well, mom, I’m not going to read any more of these cards. I don’t know if they have more bad words.”

That’s a lot of random miscellaneous-ness for one post 🙂  And obviously, we’re totally nailing this parenting thing :/

Brooks-isms: Age 4

This boy.  God bless him.   He keeps us on our toes.


I really can’t make up stories like this:

“Mom, I gotta color these bananas.”

I hand him a yellow crayon.  Bananas = yellow, right? He takes it and gets to work.

“Mom, I need the black now. I gotta color all the black spots that are on my bananas.”

So, I guess he’s noticed that mommy serves over-ripe bananas in his lunch box.



We’ve been having some challenges over the past few weeks with Brooks’ behavior at school. Two or three days a week he’ll come home with YELLOW or RED behavior at school.  GREEN is good, YELLOW is medium and RED is bad.

He recently came home with a RED report and we had a talk about it. He got spankings and I told him that he’d need to apologize to his teachers the next day.

When Uncle Zak arrived for carpool the next morning, Brooks ran down and showed him his Ankylosaurus.  “This is my A-A-Ankylosaurus.” (It’s ‘A’ show-and-tell day this week.)

Then I asked Uncle Zak to remind Brooks to apologize for his red behavior yesterday.

Zak said, “A-a-apologize. That starts with A!” reinforcing the letter of the week.

Brooks turns to me and doesn’t miss a beat, “Mom, that’s why I got red. I wanted to A-A-apologize since it’s ‘A’ week.”

What?!!?!!??  Who is this kid?

Of course, I responded with… “Well, let’s have A-A-amazing behavior today for ‘A’ week.”

Landon Says: Parenting and Grandparenting

Landon got to have an extra special afternoon with Gigi after camp this week.  They ran some errands, hit the pool, got milkshakes and watched movies.  When I picked him up, I asked about his favorite part of the day – thinking it would be something at camp – and he responded, “I loved swimming with Gigi. I wish she could pick me up from camp every day and we could hang out.”  He smiled and went on, “She’s a really good Gigi… and you’re a good mommy,” he added, not wanting me to feel left out.

Of course, my heart melted a little when he said it. I added, “Yep, she IS a really good Gigi. You know when I was little, she was my mommy and she was a great mommy. She did all those same fun things with me.”

He looked out the window, almost wistfully and declared, “I bet she was a really good parent.”

I love his old soul.


Landon and Gigi – she’s been loving him well for 6+ years.

Secret’s out, Dean.

In honor of someone’s big 3-9 birthday tomorrow, I’m sharing a little survey completed by his second favorite firstborn. (Doesn’t the wife get the #1 slot?! 😉 I’m a firstborn, too.)


Check out the alternate name spelling – What’s your name? “Jasin, with an ‘i’!” (P.S. yes, his real first name is Jason. Here’s that story.)

Love the age guess – 31.  He always claims to be young for his age 🙂

Evidently, Landon is really big on the tickles:
“He makes me happy when he tickles me.”
“I make my dad happy when I tickle his feet.”
P.S. Landon – Daddy does NOT like his feet tickled.  Those are not tears of joy when you do it!

And it’s sweet that he mentioned daddy’s funny joke telling. He is pretty hilarious.

Of course, the funniest thing dad does:


Fart. (Boys!)

Uh oh. Secret’s out, Dean!!

Seriously, I love this kid. And I love his dad more.  Happy 3-9 to my favorite handsome, younger-than-his-years other half.