Pen pals

I mentioned that a few months ago, our great nanny moved to Hawaii to be closer to her family.  Our kids really loved playing together and more than once Landon has asked when Aidenn would be coming back to play with us.  “How many more days until Aidenn is back from Hawaii?”

He doesn’t quite understand the concept of moving away.

In the meantime though, Kristine and I decided it would be cute for the kids to be penpals and send each other cards, stickers, etc.  I love the idea of the kids getting mail every so often.

A couple weeks ago the boys got a package in the mail from Hawaii – Aidenn wanted to send the boys ukuleles for their birthdays and the boys have loved them.  They are so much fun to play and they run around calling them their “little guitars” (ha).

We’ve been working on a thank you note to send back to Aidenn thanking him and letting him know how much we miss him.

thx1 thx2

I am excited for my kids to have a penpal. I remember, when friends would move away in elementary school, keeping up for a few months or even a year or two by mail.  It was always so much fun to get something addressed to you in the mail.

Do your kids have a pen pal?  Have they loved keeping up with their buddy?

P.S.  Landon did the best job he’s ever done writing his name! It looks like I wrote it! (Good thing he had so much practice on the 20 valentines for his class!)


Goodbye to Kristine

Over the past two years, I’ve referenced Kristine more than once or twice. She’s been a huge part of our family for the past two years as the nanny to our kids and even more so as a role model and guide to our growing boys.  She came along just weeks after Brooks was born and she has seen my kids through two years of life.  She, her husband and son moved away this week to Hawaii and we were devastated to see them go.  We’ve loved having her and her son spend so much time with our family – helping them to develop into respectful and considerate young boys.  I know that a great nanny is hard to find and she was definitely that.  Our own Dean Family Mary Poppins, of sorts!

She took some great selfies with the boys during her last week:


We already miss her.

He’s a writer!

I am a proud momma. I love watching my boys learn new things and get so excited about their accomplishments.

One of the latest accomplishments is Landon working on writing his name by himself.  Ms Kristine has been helping him a lot as he practices his letters – they’ve practiced with chalk, pencils and crayons.

Here he is tracing her letters:

landon name1

And then he tried one solo (in yellow):
landon name 2

I hope my kids ALWAYS have a love for learning new things!