Photography Practice

NGATI: Beach Pics – the artistic ones

I know I shared a few pics from our after Easter week at the beach with my family.  We had a great time with lots of donuts, walks on the beach, sandcastle building, visits to great restaurants, etc.

I even shared a few of my phone pics.  But one of the days we were there I got really crazy and busted out the nice camera.

These are my SOOC (straight out of the camera) “artsy” shots of an afternoon on the beach.  Landon, Brooks and their cousin Isla.

beach1 beach2 beach3

beach4  beach6



Beach pictures are always so fun. With the clear skies, foaming water and bright sand as the background, God gives us the perfect blank canvas to take a few shots.  Plus, they always remind me of my wedding day.


Photoshop play

I decided to try my hand at editing a photo with some actions in an attempt to see if I can learn how to do it and also to gussy up some of my favorite family pics that I’d like to frame. I’d like to at least know how to do it when I want to.  (Which will be about never.)  Who has time for editing pictures with two kids, a hubby and a full time job?!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!! 🙂

But it’s good to know it’s there, if I want to use it!

Here is a Straight Out of Camera picture of Brooks:

And I think this picture is really sweet. I love the messy face and yogurt on the tip of his nose.  Classic Brooks.

I wanted to really brighten the picture and see what it would look like in vibrant colors…



Pretty sweet… and I love how his eyes pop.

And I really want to kiss those scrumptious, full B&W lips.


Photoshop. I heart you. When I have time to use you.


Two Brothers, Same Picture

When Landon was 4.5 months old my dad took the sweetest picture of him in the walker.  He looked adorable – smiley and bright.  I got it printed on a small canvas.

When Brooks arrived a few years later, I decided I wanted to try to duplicate the picture so I put him in the same outfit and the same walker.

What do you think – do they look like brothers?!

Brooks  - 6 mos

Brooks – 6 mos

Landon - 4.5 mos

Landon – 4.5 mos

Now I gotta get a Brooksie canvas printed up so I can show them off side by side!


In case my Halloween pictures weren’t adorable enough – today I bring you some of the sweetest pics of our Thanksgiving beach trip.

You like how I did that, last post was Halloween pics, today I bring you Thanksgiving trip pics!  Who knows, maybe later this week I’ll be real good and do my December pics (including Christmas fun!)

Pumpkin Patch

In October, we spent a weekend hitting up the pumpkin patch to find the best potential jack-o-lantern.

While Brooks slept through the beginning of the visit, we were able to get him up so he could play with the ‘chosen one’ for a little bit before we left.

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I tried to mess around with different settings and focused getting clean shots of the kids since the sky way gorgeous and the pumpkins were bright!

We were even able to get a pic of all four of us (nope, not everyone was looking at the camera, but thats the norm these days! 😉 )

Maine Vacation: Part 1

If you don’t like pics of my kids and family, or blue skies and awesome weather, then move along, because this post will not be of interest to you!  In fact, there are several posts of my family vacation coming this week – so this is your warning 🙂

If you love seeing my cute kids and vacation pics, then enjoy:

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(Sorry Brooksie, no love in these pics because you and Lawson were sleeping through this shoot!)