Unpopular Opinions

Funny how there are some things that “everyone” loves that you just can’t get on board with?  Whether it’s a tv show or movie that everyone is raving about or a particular type of shoe.  And it’s funny how hard the “adorers” push that product, like they’ll be able to convince you with their words that it really is funny/delicious/comfortable/etc.

Here are some of my unpopular opinions:

  • Cheesecake is gross. Yes, I went there to start. I know many people claim cheesecake is the best dessert ever – in fact, it’s my husband’s dessert of choice!  I can’t get on board. I feel like cream cheese needs to be incorporated into salty foods, not sweet.
  • Goat cheese. I figure these kinda go together. The popular and trendy cheese tastes like moldy cream cheese to me.  I can’t even “eat around it” just getting a little in my mouth makes me want to scrape my tongue off.
  • Seinfeld. This show is terrible. It’s so annoying how they never get to the point. And I understand that is the premise, but I just feel like I’m wasting precious minutes of my life if it’s on.  (Again, my husband loves this show and owns several seasons on DVD so it’s a case of opposites attract).
  • Coffee.  I don’t really like coffee-flavored items, but even worse for me is the feeling coffee gives me. It makes me feel jittery and hungover. Plus if you drink coffee, that taste just infiltrates your tongue for the rest of the day, no matter what you’re eating!
  • Apple products.  I know, the masses are against me! My brain doesn’t work that way. And I realize that I’m SUPPOSED to love Apple as 30-something who likes to do creative work.  But give me a PC any day of the week. The only Apple product I have is an iPod and even there, I only use it for running.
  • Sci Fi/Fantasy anything. I don’t like  Star Trek, X-Men, Star Wars etc.  I like things that can have a real interpretation – something that could potentially happen.  I’ll stick with my romantic comedy, adventure, crime/drama flicks.
  • Dark Chocolate. I’m not sure if this is really an unpopular opinion because I think most of the world prefers milk chocolate.  But I’ve had a few friends who say they prefer dark chocolate items and dark chocolate tastes too bitter. Milk chocolate for life!

What about your unpopular opinions?  Anything that the world loves and you can’t stand?



As I mentioned last week, our life has been hectic lately.  Well, this post is going to be just as hectic.  Some random stories and highlights from our life lately:

Landon was out of school for Election Day so he went to the polls with Dean and I.  We talked about the voting process.  Then that night, we participated in a much more delicious vote that the kids actually cared about:
Which cupcake is the best?


Brooks loves to look over at the glassed-in parent section whenever he’s doing his lesson to make sure we’re watching him.  I love watching him get more confident and capable in the water.


Somebody decided they needed a haircut, so they took it upon themselves to give one spot in their head a nice tight trim.  He was supposed to be in his room for timeout. Oh, Brooks!


Brooks had to disguise his turkey so he wouldn’t get caught and eaten for Thanksgiving.  He wanted to do a crocodile but we couldn’t figure out how to do that, so we went with a rainbow/leprechaun theme. Mostly because we wanted to use sparkle glitter and glue and that seemed to fit. The best part though, is when I saw them hanging in the hall and noticed the name Brooks gave to his turkey:  “Turtle the Leprechaun”  Seriously, I wonder what it’s like to be in his brain! 🙂


We were recently in the greeting card section of Target. I was checking out the funny cards and the kids were picking cards and asking me over and over to read them outloud.  I did a few and then told them to just let mom do some quick reading of her own so we could get out of there.  While I was reading the cards, Landon started reading a few on his own.  And he can definitely read now…

He starts outloud, “Have a g-ood damun birth-day.”  His eyes get wide as he looks over at me.  “Mom, what does that word say”, pointing to ‘damn’.  I confirmed that it was, in fact, damn.  He replied, “well, mom, I’m not going to read any more of these cards. I don’t know if they have more bad words.”

That’s a lot of random miscellaneous-ness for one post 🙂  And obviously, we’re totally nailing this parenting thing :/

Seeing the blog in paper form.

While we visited MD last month, I was doing laundry downstairs and noticed something I’ve never noticed before.  My mother in law has always noted that she prints off all my blog posts and keeps them in a binder, but for the first time, I saw them.

They were sitting next to her computer in the basement. A stack of 5 or so large three ring binders with another in process.  Filled binders. Stacks of papers.blog1

I started this blog over 6 years ago.  A week before the birth of my firstborn.  I figured it was a great way to keep a mini journal of our life since it was about to be shaken up.  Our first baby was arriving and I knew there would be plenty of funny stories to share, pictures to post and memories to record.


And I’m so glad I started it.  There are plenty of times I look back on the blog to remember when a milestone occurred. Or when people ask at what stage my kids were doing something.  So much has happened in 6 years and over two very different kids that I tend to forget.


Especially the little stories.  The pictures that evoke a memory in time.  When they were little and I never thought they’d make it to 1, let alone 4 and 6.  Nights where I thought I wouldn’t survive newborn-hood.  Or the amazing moments I got to share with my sister from having our firstborns just days apart and the gift it was to experience that together.blog4 My mother in law has always said, she wanted to keep it printed out so that if something ever happened with the interwebs, we’d have it. But I realized the blog has been so much more than that.

It’s been a way for her (and other family members) to know the special small moments we experience each week. For her to see the big days that she doesn’t get to be part of because she lives 8 hrs away, and while she gets here for a lot, she can’t get here for all of it.

It’s been a way for friends and strangers to comment with a “me too” on a particularly transparent or honest post where I bare a little more of myself than even I expected.

It’s been such an amazing record for my kids so that when they ask me what they were like when they were babies, we get to go back together and relive some of the stories I’ve since forgotten.

Stumbling across that stack of binders was a reminder of the hours and hours of time that have been put into this blog over the past 6 years but also a reminder of the sweet memories our family has spent together – growing and changing but always kinda the same. #TeamDean


Uncovering the past.

I like taking the occasional stroll down memory lane. Whether it’s seeing pictures of my parents or grandparents as children, finding an old writing assignment from elementary school or just something that was long forgotten in the back of the closet, it’s always fun to remember and reminisce.

We recently got new master bedroom furniture – look at us adulting – after many years of using hand me down wedding present furniture that belonged to my grandmother.  It had definitely seen better days with chipped corners, scratches and sweat rings.

When we packed up the dressers to take to Goodwill, I noticed a secret message scrawled on the back.



(can you faintly see it? – GM + KB  True Love)

I quickly wondered who it could be, given it was furniture used by my grandmother, mom and her siblings.  Narrowing the list based on the initials, I think it’s a secret love declaration to or from her brother – Gary Micheals.

Isn’t it fun to uncover secret messages from the past? I wonder who wrote it and who it was to.  I’m sure there’s a great story to go with the inscription.

By the Numbers.

5 – episodes of Suits I watched last week.  What can I say, I’m addicted.  My SIL recommended it and I’ve been hooked since episode 1.  At least I force myself to eliptic-ize while I watch!  Harvey is awesome.

7 – the magic hour that I need my kids to sleep to.  8 would be awesome. But I don’t mind 7. (Particularly because Dean is usually the morning riser.)

3 – number of meds Brooks is currently on for his allergies.  Poor guy.

6 – number of house projects on my priority DIY to-do list.  Finish crown molding, re-do kids toy cubby, hang new bathroom fixtures, make shelf for B room, hang curtains in bedroom, paint half bath.

37 – number of tshirts I own. How do I know this? Because I just had to fold each one of them to transfer to a new dresser.  At least 10 are Elevation Church shirts! Hoarder.

5 – number of tomato plants in our 2016 garden (so far).  Three of them came up on their own from last years tomatoes that dropped into the soil.  I’m guessing we might get 1 or 2 more that come up on their own.

0 – number of squash plants this year.  They weren’t a hit last year 🙂

11 – number of birthdays/holidays that fall between Feb 26 and Father’s Day in our family.  And some of these dates require multiple gifts (i.e. Father’s Day means gifts for Dean’s dad, my dad and Dean).  That’s a lot of gift giving in 3.5 months.



8 things.

Just some random thoughts…

  1. I hope my kids get some “real snow” this year.  We got about 1-2 inches of ice/snow and the kids LOVED sledding.  (They just got super fast, new sleds this year -thanks Grandpop/Debbie!)  We need a good 5 inches to hit some of the better hills around here!
  2. Landon is obsessed with making “Cam Newton moves” – he can “Dab”, “first down” and “Superman”.  Go Panthers – Superbowl 50.
  3. Brooks turned 4 and decided he can now do things on his own without complaint. Including getting dressed by himself in the mornings, showering and brushing teeth.  When he was 3 years and 360 days – it was a fight each morning filled with tears – now he’s 4, and “4 year old’s get dressed all by themselves”. Love it!
  4. Landon is turning into his mom. He asks for back rubs every day.
  5. I love watching my husband play sports with his kids.  Too many dads are too busy to get dirty.  Not Dean.
  6. I can’t wait for warmer temps and the daylight savings change.  I miss you outdoor runs and coming home when it’s still light out. My kids miss evening playtime outside.
  7. Blindspot is my new favorite show and I can’t wait until they start airing new episodes.
  8. I love family snuggle time at night.  Our kids do too and I know that will change, so we do it all the time while we can.


If I’d dated Dean when I was 18, would we be married today? Or did we need to grow as friends and discover ourselves as individuals, waiting until we were in our 20s/30s to have the marriage we have?

Would Landon be different if I’d become a mom at age 20 or at age 35?  Would our age as parents have influenced the boy he’d be or would we’ve always ended up with our easygoing, hardworking, silly boy?

Would Brooks be as snuggly, passionate and sensitive if he was in a different spot in the birth order?

Would I want to wear lots of hats and do so many things in life if I didn’t have parents (and more specifically a hardworking, successful mom) as my role models?

Would I have the same faith in Jesus if I didn’t live in a Christian-based home growing up?  Would my faith be greater or non-existent if I’d faced harder/different circumstances in my life (addictions, huge loss, atheism, etc.)?

Just some of the ‘would’s’ I think about.