Scripted: What the picture could say…

What the picture could say: Princess Party

princess party

Snapped this picture of Landon and Harleigh having a princess party.  I don’t know what they were talking about, but I captioned the picture:

Landon:  “Harleigh, does this purple make my hips look big?”

Harleigh:  “No, it’s a perfect fit – snug where it needs to be and loose and flowing through the rest.”

Landon: “And that yellow really compliments your eyes, Harleigh.”

Harleigh: “Yeah, it really does, Landon.”


What the picture should say: Modeling


Photog:  “Landon, give me fierce eyes. Work it for the camera. You’re a cheetah. Show some life in those eyes. Smoldering, yes, smoldering.”

Brooks: “And I’ll just run circles around you while you ‘smolder’.”

I love when my boys look so handsome in their fall sweaters.

Of course, I tried to get a pic of the two of them and this is the best I could come up with.


Evidently Brooks is looking at something hilarious. And Landon is not interested in Brother Picture – Take #14.

Little Boys Lunch

These sweet guys get to hang out together every weekday.  Recently, they’ve started spending time at the big kids table instead of always being in the high chairs.

One day, I caught them enjoying their little boys lunch.

Of course, they only grunt and say a few words right now, but if they could talk in full sentences, I’m sure this was their lunchtime convo:

Laws: Brooks, are you going to finish that?
Brooks: Of course not, when do I ever eat my full meal?  I gotta keep up my “picky, disinterested eater” thing that I’ve got going for me.
Laws: Nice, slip some of that extra on my plate.
Brooks:  Here – let me feed it to you – I know with all the consistent eating you do, you’re doing non-stop “food curls” through the day, let me give those biceps a rest for you.  Open wide!

little boys lunch

Such cuties. Eating and non-eating cuties.

A Story in Pictures: Boy likes girl

While we were on our Maine vacation, we took the kids to go on rides at the boardwalk area.  At first, they all rode together and enjoyed it.  (Harleigh, Landon and Eliana (who is my cousins daughter)).

Then the kids decided to be brave and each ride in their own car.

All of a sudden, right before the ride is about to begin, a boy comes over and hops in Harleigh’s car with her.  Mind you, there are at least 8 empty cars on the ride, but nope, Playa wanted to get in with the cutie!

She wasnt quite sure what to think, at first.

But they started chatting and getting to know each other.

The entire time the ride was going, Landon would not stop turning around to see the little boy who took his usual spot next to his cousin. 
Then he couldn’t stop cracking up at this boy making a move on his cuz.

But, when all was said and done, she left with her BFF and not the Playa, and all was right in the Universe again.<<Reunited and it feels so good.>>

What the Picture Should Say: Ladies Man

This is a shot taken by J’s mommy at Landon’s birthday party.  There were lots of cute ladies in attendance and Landon loved hanging out with them!

J: “Landon, I totally love your hat.  It looks good on you.”
L:  “Thanks J! I try.”  (Eyes rove to another cutie, K, who toddles by.)
J:  “Landon, I totally saw that… you’re checking out that other girl.  Look at you flirting with her.”
L:  “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!”

Scripted: First Headlock

This picture is from Landon and Harleigh’s first slumber party together… here’s what the caption could be:

Harster:  “Landon, get away from my table, you aren’t pushing the buttons properly.”

Lando:  “Harleigh, I’ll bang the buttons if I want!”

H:  “Do it again and I’ll put you in a headlock”

H:  “Told ya so!”


The real story behind their weekend… Aunt Heidi said that Harleigh absolutely ADORED playing with Landon and hanging on him, grabbing him, playing toys with him, hugging him… and I was told that Landon wasn’t as enthusiastic about all his playtime with Harster.  She would put them in The Cage together to play and Landon would look up at Aunt Heidi with pleading eyes as if to ask, “Get me outta here, please!! Harleigh’s coming to grab me again!”

So, Landon definitely isn’t ready for a sibling! ha ha

Scripted: What the pictures should say

 L: Harleigh, stop wiggling around so much… no dancing on this dock. It could come crashing down at any minute and I don’t know how to swim

H: Heheheh (more dancing…)

L: If you dont stop, I’m gonna rip that bow off your head!

L:  See Har-Har, I told you to stop. Now you’re gonna get it!

H:  Landon, stay away from my beautiful accessories!

H: Thanks mom for putting my bow back on!  Yeah I still got it… I’m looking good with the bow and frilly flip flops!

L: Fine – Truce!  Just take the picture already…  Seriously, these paparrazzi parents are getting a little ridiculous!