Unpopular Opinions

Funny how there are some things that “everyone” loves that you just can’t get on board with?  Whether it’s a tv show or movie that everyone is raving about or a particular type of shoe.  And it’s funny how hard the “adorers” push that product, like they’ll be able to convince you with their words that it really is funny/delicious/comfortable/etc.

Here are some of my unpopular opinions:

  • Cheesecake is gross. Yes, I went there to start. I know many people claim cheesecake is the best dessert ever – in fact, it’s my husband’s dessert of choice!  I can’t get on board. I feel like cream cheese needs to be incorporated into salty foods, not sweet.
  • Goat cheese. I figure these kinda go together. The popular and trendy cheese tastes like moldy cream cheese to me.  I can’t even “eat around it” just getting a little in my mouth makes me want to scrape my tongue off.
  • Seinfeld. This show is terrible. It’s so annoying how they never get to the point. And I understand that is the premise, but I just feel like I’m wasting precious minutes of my life if it’s on.  (Again, my husband loves this show and owns several seasons on DVD so it’s a case of opposites attract).
  • Coffee.  I don’t really like coffee-flavored items, but even worse for me is the feeling coffee gives me. It makes me feel jittery and hungover. Plus if you drink coffee, that taste just infiltrates your tongue for the rest of the day, no matter what you’re eating!
  • Apple products.  I know, the masses are against me! My brain doesn’t work that way. And I realize that I’m SUPPOSED to love Apple as 30-something who likes to do creative work.  But give me a PC any day of the week. The only Apple product I have is an iPod and even there, I only use it for running.
  • Sci Fi/Fantasy anything. I don’t like  Star Trek, X-Men, Star Wars etc.  I like things that can have a real interpretation – something that could potentially happen.  I’ll stick with my romantic comedy, adventure, crime/drama flicks.
  • Dark Chocolate. I’m not sure if this is really an unpopular opinion because I think most of the world prefers milk chocolate.  But I’ve had a few friends who say they prefer dark chocolate items and dark chocolate tastes too bitter. Milk chocolate for life!

What about your unpopular opinions?  Anything that the world loves and you can’t stand?


Who is going to watch chick flicks with me?

I’m a mom with no daughters.  This means I don’t really having shopping buddies in my household. Nor is there anyone who wants to go get their nails done the one or two times a year I do this.  I guess since I’m not girly girly, it worked out well for me to have boys.

But, who is going to watch chick flicks with me?

I saw Troop Beverly Hills was playing over the weekend, so of course, I had to record it.  It was one of my favorite movies as a little girl and I hadn’t seen it in at least 20 years.

I decided to ask my boys to watch with me.

They weren’t as impressed. But we didn’t get to the songs part… yet. So I’m still holding out hope that they’ll like some of the movies I grew up on.



Just living in this “all boys” world!

P.S. And yes, I am crazy and don’t like the “glaring tv brand light” on the front of my tv so I keep a postcard in front 24/7/365.  Don’t worry about that little blue light, it goes away when I turn the tv off – otherwise I’d have a postcard there, too 🙂

Landon Robert is 7.


This sweet thang turns 7 today. He is the perfect firstborn.  Easy going. Responsible. Fun. Hardworking. Adorable.

There are so many things I love about this boy.  I love how his role as older brother as really evolved over the past year.  He really cares about his brother and is fiercely protective of him.

Landon, Brooks and I were on a recent bike ride and several times something happened where Brooks fell behind, fell off his bike, got stuck in the middle of a big hill and this boy just turned into super brother, quickly finding out what was wrong and helping his little brother out.  He hopped off his bike, grabbed B’s bike and walked it up the hill, then went back down and got his own bike.  There are examples like this all the time of how sweet his is taking care of Brooks.

I love how he gets along with everyone.  He is loved by so many in his class. The teachers tell me he gets along with everyone.  He’s a natural peacemaker and avoids conflict.

fall leaves L

He is just all-around awesome. He works hard no matter if it’s reading, helping in the yard, working on his sports skills or doing a chore like cleaning the playroom or putting dishes away.

I am so proud of who this boy is and what he stands for.  He is joy, love, kindness and tenderness all wrapped in one. I get choked up just thinking about the fact that I’m already about halfway through my parenting job.  I can’t believe he’s been my baby for 7 years already.  It’s flying by.

Happy birthday to my sweet Landon Robert.  You are the awesome-est young man and I’m so proud of who you are and what you bring to our family.  I can’t wait to smother you with kisses (while I still kinda can) and love on you all day.  I love you (times a million bajillion)!



Brooks says: Getting big muscles


This boy is too observant.

Brooks looks over at Dean one day, while Dean was doing P90x, and said “dad, if you want to get really big muscles, you have to take your shirt off.”

So now, whenever he wants to exercise with daddy, he takes his shirt off.  I guess Brooks realizes all the guys with really big muscles are usually shirt free showing off their six pack.  And he’s right – you don’t see many obese guys dying to show off their bod with no shirt, just the ripped ones!

Five year old correlation.

Recent weekend highlights

With my slack blog posting efforts, I’m going to throw a couple random recent weekend highlights into one post.  Straight from my camera phone – recent weekend highlights:


This was one of my favorite moments recently. Just me and my two boys sitting on the floor. This was shortly after Blouie Finn joined the family, so we were keeping him company in Brooks’ room.  The boys were sorting and trading their Pokemon cards. I was asking them important life questions – What was the best part of your weekend? If you could only eat one food for every meal what would it be? What’s better – basketball or baseball?  I’m a real life, Barbara Walters with my intellectual questions 🙂  No distractions, just heart-to-heart convos with these kids.


Pie Face was hilarious. Each time it would get close to Brooks, he’d pop his head back just in time and the whipped cream would fly over his head onto the floor.  Finally, Dean stood behind him and held his head in place.  That’s what I call good parenting! Plus, gotta love their Steelers gear!


Landon rocking out his basketball game!  I think this was the last game of the season.  He’s on the far right with a few of his teammates.  Waiting for what he calls the best part of the game – the star sticker rewards and snacks.  #kidsthesedays  #go13


Peanut butter-marshmallow-chocolate fondue.  Yes. Please.  It was delicious.  My favorite is definitely the bananas and the strawberries. Hmm… what would make this better? (A favorite question when eating meals with the Bradbury side of the family) Answer: Not much.


I found this apology note in the couch cushion.  He never gave it to me, but I found it and asked about it.  I wish I could call this #parentingwin but Landon did this all on his own.  Dear mom, I am so so sorry for being mean to you. Will you forgive me? My heart burst a little when I read it.


We finally scheduled our adults-only family date night (plus Jonas).  My parents treated us to an Escape Hour and it was so much fun.  Plus we escaped!  Sidenote: How hilarious is it that my nephew Jonas and Dean are matching!? (navy stripe shirt, khaki pants, brown shoes.)  The only thing Dean was missing was the ginormous blow out Jonas wore later at dinner. 🙂

So there you have it… fun weekend memories captured on my phone. Our life lately.

Parenting battle: Leaders vs. Followers

On a recent run, I had a realization about my parenting. (I think most of my realizations in life come on runs. I think that’s where God likes to talk to me.)  Lately, I’ve noticed my firstborn is really starting to “follow the crowd” at school.  He’s skipping out on participation and theme days because all of his friends aren’t participating.  This same boy who just a few months ago loved to do all the “extra” activities has now decided that he’s too cool to participate because his friends don’t want to.

I’ve tried to reason with him that it’s actually great practice to stand up and do what you do, even if your friends don’t think it’s a “cool” choice.  After all, the battles he’s facing now with peer pressure are nothing compared to what he’ll face in the next 5-10 years.  I want to set him up for success in life by being able to confidently make his own choices, even if no one else is making that same choice.  The ol’ “if your friends are jumping off a bridge” conundrum.

My realization came less with how things are going with Landon (my firstborn), but more with how I’m handling my secondborn – Brooks.  Brooks is the epitome of “leader” – that boy doesn’t follow any crowd.  When everyone else is playing a game, he’s completely content to go do something else he wants to do.  He has this cool confidence with his choices.  And the challenge is trying to “break him” of always doing things his way.

I realize that I have to be more careful with what I’m teaching him.  He’s a leader and outside of the box thinker, and I don’t want him to learn to “be part of the crowd”.  It’s really the balance of pushing him to lead but also helping him recognize times when he needs to follow (i.e. when the class is working on an assignment is not the best time to ‘do his own thing’).

I admire Brooksie’s confidence and the way he doesn’t do the same thing that everyone else does.  But with that means he’s going to defy my directions more often and push harder to do things his way.

Alternately, while Landon is a rule follower and often very quick to obey anything I ask him to do, I’ve also found he’s quick to follow the guidance of his friends.

Thus my parenting struggle, pushing one to disobey the rules a little more and gain more of his own voice, while finding small ways to keep my independent spirit in line so he isn’t always trying to run his own show and he knows when he it’s time to comply.

Two sons.  Complete opposites.  Parenting challenge.


All the hearts.

In honor of Valentines Day, I’m going to fill out one of those random couple quizzes that has been floating around.  Give the world a little more insight into me and my better half.


Who’s oldest?  My husband is older. He hits the big 4-0 this year.  I am 35! I like to joke that Brooks (our 5 year old) should start checking the nursery for a hot future wife, since that’s the age gap between Dean and I.

Who was interested first?  I don’t know. We were friends for a very long time and then it just evolved into more.  I’ve known Dean since I was 20, so almost half my life.  We met because one of my best friends was dating one of his best friends and we just all ended up in the same social circle.

Same high school?  No, but we went to the same college (different years). Fun fact: We lived across the street from each other in our college town and didn’t meet until hanging out through our friends.

Most sensitive?  Me, for sure.  Dean is emotionally steady – so he doesn’t have very high highs or very low lows. It’s a good and bad thing in our marriage 🙂

Worst temper? Me.  For sure.  Dean rarely gets mad.  I tend to stuff and then explode. Not my best trait!

More social?  Um, if you ever met us, you’d know this was me. My husband has no problem sitting silently in any environment.  I’ll say that we are definitely both homebodies and not social butterflies, but I can flex my extroverted side much easier than he can.  (However, give him a few 12 oz cans of “liquid courage” (aka beers) and all bets are off!)

Hardest working? I’d probably say me 🙂 ha! and my husband would probably say himself!  Agree to disagree?!  I think we both carry our weight so it works out well.

More sarcastic?  We are both VERY sarcastic.  I love my husbands sense of humor.  And our humor has definitely started rubbing off on our kids!

Who makes the most mess?  Dean.  I’m definitely the “tidier” one in our house.

Wakes up first?  Not me.  Never, ever.  Ever.

Bigger family?  Mine.  I’m oldest of 3 kids – and my siblings and I have 7 kids between us.  My husband is one of two boys and between them there are 4 kids.

Who cooks the most?  I cook the most, but Dean is really good about cooking a few nights a week or running with something if I get stuck at work late.

Who cries the most?  See question 4.  My husband has an emotional wall that tears can’t pass 🙂 I think I’ve seen him cry 2 times in the 15 years I’ve known him.

Better singer?  Neither.  But you would know that I’m bad because I sing out loud.  Dean does not. Although he does know an unusually large number of songs/artists – very good for trivia questions.

Hogs the remote?  Dean likes the tv on all.the.time. So he definitely gets a lot of use out of it.  But at night when we’re both in bed, I typically control the remote.

Better driver?  Me, for sure.  I think my life expectancy has dropped by a decade or so because of my husbands “aggressive” driving tendencies.  Sometimes, I remind him that RED tail lights mean BRAKE – not accelerate!

Better cook?  Probably me, but it’s because I do it more and try new things.  If I ever died, I know the kids would be fed.  It might be the same 8 meals over and over, but Dean could definitely keep them well fed.

Most patient?   Dean. All the way.  And it’s definitely one of his best traits.

– – –

I’m so thankful for my valentine. I’m thankful that I get to see behind the curtain to the side that not many people get to see.  I have a backstage pass to my husband and I appreciate him even more “behind the scenes”.


Happy Valentines Day to my better half.  And I mean that.  He really is the better half.