happy birthday

You made me a mom.


8 years ago today, you made me a mom.  You’ve been the perfect firstborn… a rule follower, easygoing – so pleasant and fun to be around.  You’ve made parenting easy (most of the time).  There are so many things that make me proud of you.


You work hard in everything you do – whether it’s math problems, long bike rides or learning sports.  You are always 100%.  You like to work at it until you get it perfect. I wish you weren’t so critical of yourself because you are so good at so many things and I hate when you get down on yourself.


You know when to push back and fight for your opinion and when to let things go. There’s never a fight when I say it’s time to get in bed or ask you to try new foods.  But if you feel really strongly about something, you’ll dig your heels in.  As frustrating as it can be, I secretly like when you stand your ground and fight for your way.  I know that skill will serve you so well later in life.


At age 8, you are already so good at reading people.  As I get riled up by something, (hypothetically Brooks is still upstairs after 3 requests to get in the car for church), I feel my anger rise up and I start yelling.  Then I feel a gentle rub across my back, and it’s you, trying to calm me.  You know just the buttons to push or words to say to get 5 extra minutes of cuddle time or a few more minutes shooting hoops before dinner.


I get a little lump in my throat when I think about you turning 8 (…halfway to drivers license status!)

You’re really turning into a young man now.  Your values and moral compass are mostly established and these next years it’s a lot of me letting go of the reins and allowing you start figuring it out on your own.  Seeing you become more independent makes me realize how much my role is changing.  It’s bittersweet because I love your growth but also already miss some of your boy-ish needs.

You’re growing into a strong, well-rounded, amazing young man and I am proud of you every single day.

I love you Landy Pandy, Bubba, Boo, Sweet Thang.

Happy Happy 8th Birthday!


I’m the mom of a 5-year-old.

I’m the mom of a 5-year-old.

That sentence is crazy to me – a five year old. Where has the time gone? How do I already have a child who will be starting kindergarten in a matter of months?  How am I nearly a third of the way into my parenting duties?

It’s seemed long. It’s seemed short.  It’s been easy.  It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It’s made me laugh. It’s brought tears.

Yes, this little guy made me a mom and I know that he and his brother will be my greatest accomplishment… and my greatest failure.  I already hear myself in my head – “what if I’d…”  “why didn’t I…” when it comes to my parenting choices. I am so proud of how my boys are doing and the men they are becoming – despite the fact their mother is a little crazy. And I know that I’ll second guess myself – thinking of the ways that I could have done my part better.

But that’s the beauty of this whole thing, of being a parent.  It’s the ability to trust that God is doing even more in them than I’ll ever be able to. It’s a matter of shrugging off the voices that say, “Ginger, you’re not doing enough.” and knowing that they are really already doing great.  It’s knowing that it’s ok if it’s messy and hard because the most beautiful things come when you work the hardest.  And this role as a mom is just that.

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Until you have your own baby one day, it will be hard for you to understand how much I love you.  I am head over heels for you.  You are so loving, fun, hardworking, responsible, silly, smart and thoughtful.

You do and say things that make my heart flutter each day.  An “I love you mom” out-of-the-blue.  The way you still nestle your hand right in mind when we are out running errands.  The stories that you tell during tuck in time. Times you help your brother so he can also feel the high of success.  The sweet, innocence of your dinnertime prayers.

Five years has flown by too quickly but I cannot wait to see what the next years hold for you. I am so proud to be your mom and I am so thankful that “God put you in the right family”.

Happy birthday big boy!  I love you times a million bajillion.


Bwoooksie is F-uh-ree

This little rockstar turns 3 today and I just love this cute thang to pieces!

(this picture completely captures Brooks’ wild and crazy personality!)

To celebrate Brooks turning three – I’m sharing a bunch of his TOP 3’s

Top 3 Favorite Foods

Top 3 Trucks
Garbage Truck

Top 3 Most Common Sayings
“Shush!!”  (he is forever quieting everyone else!)
“Don’t call me Brooks – it’s Brooksie Matthew!” (or Bwooksie Mafhew, as he pronounces it!)
“Landon’s (Wandon’s) not sharing!”

Top 3 Things to Do
Snuggle with mom and dad in our bed
Watch a movie
Play with his trucks and trains

Top 3 (+1) Awesome Brooks Faces (outside of the picture above)
“This slide is aweeeesome!”
“Yeah, I run the show here! Just call me Capt Brooks!”
“What, you’ve never seen smoldering brown eyes?  This is how I work the room!”
“Man, life is G-O-O-D!”

You are special, sweet, loved and absolutely precious. Because you are my baby (my last one), I hold tight to your littleness and every day I realize you are bigger, smarter and more advanced than just the day before. I hold tight to the few babyisms you have left because they are so sweet and I miss them more and more as you grow out of them.

You are becoming such an awesome young man.  You completely adore your brother and look up to him. I love how you get so excited to do things with him and want to be big – just like him.  Sitting in the big seat, cutting with scissors, attempting to write letters – becoming more independent with each passing day.  You are at such a great age and I’m soaking it in, knowing that one day you won’t want to snuggle/hold hands/blow kisses anymore.

You are such a great kid – so full of life. When you walk into a room, you command attention.  You run at full-speed all day.  And I love that when you are finally exhausted, I’m the one who still gets your cuddles, hugs and kisses.

I pray that for the next year you continue to ask about Jesus and practice praying to him. I hope that you find your groove in your brand new classroom. I’d love for you and daddy to play more sports together outside when the weather warms up. I hope you continue to develop your love for books and reading. I pray that you learn more patience and a little less stubbornness. 😉 I want us to take more Mommy/Brooksie dates. And I just cannot wait for your FIRST big birthday party with friends (that you know!).

Happy 3rd birthday my sweet boy!  I love, love, love you!
Love, Mom


It’s a Big BirthDAY!

In honor of the man of the month… I bring you 35 adjectives to celebrate my wonderful husband’s 35th anniversary of birth!

smart, nurturing, witty, handsome, athletic, prompt, hard-working, easygoing, silly, awesome, gifted, tenderhearted, mysterious, strong, busy, protective, steady, devoted, evolving, relaxed, predictable, helpful, quiet, married 🙂 , trustworthy, healthy, sleepy, committed, generous, supportive, tough, funny, level-headed, studly, nutty!

These are only a few reasons why I am so lucky to be married to such a YOUNG 35-year-old! 

Happy, happy birthday to my awesome esposo! I love you times a million, bazillion 🙂