kids are funny

Brooks Says: I keep telling her…

A real conversation in our car the other day.

(Sidenote: My mother-in-law is overly generous and is always bringing toys, clothes, shoes, gifts, treats, etc for our kids when she visits.)


Brooks:  When is Grammy coming down to visit us? I want her to bring us some presents.

Me: Brooks, that isn’t a good attitude. I don’t want you to expect gifts every time Grammy comes down to visit.  You should want to spend time with her, not ask her to buy you stuff.  I’m going to tell her not to bring any gifts next time she comes down to visit.

Brooks:  I don’t know what’s wrong with her.  I keep telling her to buy adult stuff, but she keeps buying kid stuff when she comes down her.




Poor Prayer Pal

Our church (Elevation Church) does a great job in their kids program – keeping the kids engaged, learning about Jesus and wanting to come back each week.

Recently, they handed out Prayer Pals in Brooks’ class (the 2 y.o. class).  They passed out instructions on how to implement the Prayer Pal and use it as a reminder tool to pray with and for our kids each day.  As we were leaving, I held it and said… “wow, Brooks, look at your new Prayer Pal.”

He responded with, “no, that’s Caterpillar.”

Ok, no tricking this guy… it was a caterpillar-shaped prayer pal.

We brought him home and the first night it was all love and snuggles for Prayer Pal/Caterpillar.

prayer pal (2)

However, after the first night Brooks decided he wasn’t going to be cuddling Prayer Pal anymore. I’d bring the soft, snuggly guy into his room during prayer time and Brooks would declare, “I don’t want that Prayer Pal. Put him in the playroom.”  So out he would go.

I decided to give up on using Prayer Pal after a few nights of trying – we still did our normal tuck in prayer time, just without the cuddly friend. After all, Brooksie’s true love is his green blankie so nothing else has ever stacked up to it.

Fast forward to this past weekend:

Dean had washed Brooks’ blankie and so at bedtime it wasn’t available.  I told Brooks I would bring blankie in later once it had dried.

He was still a little whiney about it even after he was tucked in, so I told him I would get something else.  I went into the playroom and brought him Prayer Pal.

He seemed to take it without any fuss so I quickly left and went back to the laundry room just across the hall.

Not 10 seconds later, his door opened just an inch or two and I looked over, preparing myself to give a strict warning and tell him to get back to bed.

There was no need.

His small hand slid out of the tiny door crack, Prayer Pal was dropped on the floor, the door shut and two little feet scurried back into bed.

prayer pal (1)

Yes, Brooks is VERY particular about who he invites into bed with him.  Oh Brooks!

Working out

The other day, Landon was in the office where our elliptical resides.  He told Dean and I he was working out – as he stood on the foot platforms.

working out

Upon getting off, he told me he needed to ‘get off his necklace’.

Yep, that’s when he lifted his shirt to show me he’d been wearing a heart rate monitor. Nice and snug against his chest!  I’m sure his data was super accurate from his sweat session!


Landon Says: I’m awesome

Getting ready for the pool this weekend, I called to Landon and Brooks, “Come on guys, let’s go downstairs so we can go to the pool.”

Landon says, “Hold on mom, I need to check in the mirror real quick.”

I peek around the corner and see him in my bathroom standing on the stool staring at himself in the mirror and doing some “smiley faces” at himself.

“What are you doing, Baby boy?”

“I’m just looking in the mirror to make sure I’m awesome.”

** Where does he get this stuff?! **

Kids Say: Bible Verse Time

Last night, Landon and I were laying in bed, practicing our bible verses – face to face on the pillow.

Mom: “For from Him…”
Landon: “For from Him…”
M: “And to Him…”
L: “And to Him…”
M: “And through Him…”
L: “Mom, it smells like poopie.”
M: “What?!”
L: “When you talk it smells like poopie. It’s yucky.”

Wow, I guess I need a mint.

Did ya hear that?

Landon has started to really pick up on humor recently. Humor is huge in our house – Dean and I are both VERY sarcastic people. Lately he’s started noticing that when he says something that is “adult funny” (and I don’t mean crude humor, I just mean it’s adult-level funny), I will often give Dean a sideways glance to see if he’s seeing/hearing whatever Landon is doing/saying.

So now, when Landon sees me give the sideways glance, he’ll yell “Did ya hear that daddy?!” or “Did you see that Daddy?!” because he knows he’s onto something.

His recognition of the funny act often makes me laugh even more than the initiator of “the glance”.

Oh, this boy is going to keep me on my toes, for sure!

Kids Say…

Landon sings:
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… you make me happy when skies are GREAAAATTTTTTT!”  (So, he only likes clear weather.)


“This is daddy’s booty.” (patting Dad’s booty.)
“This is mommy’s booty.” (patting Moms booty.)

Then walks over towards Grammy –
Grammy:  “Grammy has a big booty.”
Landon (patting Grammy’s booty): “This is Grammy’s big booty.” 

(Can’t wait until he uses this line in the checkout at the grocery store with the lady in front of us! ha ha)