kids sports

First game.

I love using the blog to keep track of milestones and highlights.  Occasionally I’ll find myself taking a walk back to remember first steps, first time on the slide, etc.

So, of course, I need to document Brooksie Bear’s first t-ball game.  It was a long time coming for him, with a rain out first game that had him in tears because he wasn’t going to be able to wear his uniform and play.    This after a few canceled practices because of rain and cold weather.

He was beside himself to finally get out there:


And he did such a great job.  He stayed focused on the batter and didn’t get distracted by the grass, dirt, flowers, bees, etc that so often distract 4 and 5 year olds 🙂  He was so focused – which is a little outside of his personality.  It was so cute to see him ready to go.
After a year of sitting on the sideline always watching his brother play, he was so thrilled that he was the guy in the field and at bat.

And of course, the best part according to B:  batting and the snacks!!




He’s a baller.

“From Charlotte, NC… 4 feet tall.  Number 4. Lannnnndon Deaaaan!!!”

Yes, my kids practice announcing themselves like the Hornets.  (Brooksie’s is especially hilarious because he always says a “6′ 10 center from UConn, Omeka Brooksieeee Dean!” – yep, he leaves the Omeka part in!)

As of this winter, Landon gets a real announcer before each Saturday game.  Yep, he’s an Upward Polar Bear!

I love that he’s learning a sport. Instead of just a skill in the backyard, he gets to learn the difference between offense and defense, how to score, the rules of the game, how to be on a team, etc.

Added bonus – his Gigi and Papa are the coaches.  For me it’s a flashback to my childhood when they coached so many of our sports teams.  And Landon absolutely loves it!