Bucket List Goal: Half Marathon

July 25, 2014

I’ve decided that this is the year I’m going to cross something off of my bucket list/goals.  Running a half marathon.

I enjoy running. The way it clears my mind. My own personal time to reflect and think about life. It’s often some of my best planning/creative-thought time.  And now I’m going to have a set schedule of it!

I’m planning to do training this fall – Oct/Nov timeframe (when it’s a little cooler outside), so I’m going to start looking at my options for half marathons around December.   I don’t know if I have a goal for it yet – as far as a time.  I know it would be awesome to do something under 2 hours, but that is a VERY fast pace for me – 9 min miles for 13 of them!

This past weekend I went out and ran just to see how far I could run and I did a 9 miler. My previous best was 7 miles, so I know that I can do it, my concern is how well my knees will hold up during training.

This is always something I’ve wanted to cross off of my bucket list, so here we go.

I guess this means I’m committing to lots more of these views:



PS – I figure if I post this on my blog, I can’t back out :)  So, here’s to commitment!


Recipe: Walnut Pesto

July 24, 2014

With our garden growing like crazy, we’ve had tons of basil and I can only eat so much tomato, basil, mozzarella salad!

So I decided to make some basil-walnut pesto with a bunch of basil.

Here is the recipe in pictures:




It was super simple – two small handfuls of walnuts, a ton of fresh basil, about a 1/4 c of Parmesan cheese and I mixed in olive oil until it became a thick paste. Then season with S&P as needed.

Note to self:  It was not easy with my blender, it didn’t seem to rip the leaves very easily and it was a lot of stop, tamper with a spoon, stop, tamper, stop, tamper.  If i had a food processor, I would have used it for this.

And here was the final product:



What else do you make with an over abundance of fresh herbs?


Mom Time

July 23, 2014

I love having “Mom Time” with my kids.  Often on Saturday mornings, I get to spend extra time with these guys.  Lately, I’ve been taking them on my Sat morning runs and while pushing the stroller makes the run extra challenging, it’s sweet time with my kids.

Usually Brooks chills in the stroller and asks 20,000 questions while I huff and puff. “Mom, what’s that kind of flower?”  “Mom, did you see that owl?” (Sometimes, I have to tell him no more questions until I can catch my breath!)

And Landon rocks it out on his bike. He’s been getting better and better with the distance. He used to stop 5 times during the ride and now it’s only 1-2 times (and the last times he had 0 breaks!!)  When it gets extra tough on the long inclines, we’ll play – “would you rather… “- to help him keep his mind off of his burning legs.  (You know… “would you rather eat pizza or ice cream?” “Would you rather go to the pool or to the playground?”)

Then if they are up for it, we’ll hit the school playground across from our neighborhood and I’ll get in a little bit of “faster/no stroller running” in while they play on the slides.

Usually they do about 3-3.5 miles and then I do about an extra mile while they play. It’s definitely a win-win-win. (And 4 miles pushing a stroller is infinitely harder than 6 miles alone!!) :)

momtime1 momtime2

I love these sweet things and our mom time!


I’m not going to play.

July 22, 2014

After several days of complete chaos in the kids play room, I told the boys that they needed to do a better job of cleaning up their toys after playtime and not leaving them out everywhere.

Landon responded, “Well, I’m just not going to play.”

Isn’t that a funny response.  Instead of having a great time playing for hours and doing about 5 minutes of clean up, his response is to not play.

It hit me – wow, I can completely relate to that.

- How often do I choose not to do paint projects with the kids because I know how long it will take to set up and clean up?

- How often do I skip taking my kids to the store because it’s a hassle for me to unbuckle and buckle both kids over and over at each stop?

- How often do I think of a cool home decorating idea, but never do it because I don’t want to put in the effort?

Sometimes I need to remind myself to take the extra effort, to embrace the mess, and do things with my kids or for myself, even if it takes some extra work.

Working all week long, sometimes the last thing I want is the extra work, but isn’t it worth it when you see those little eyes light up during the fun project or how amazing it is to see your room transformed through a little bit of elbow grease.

Sometimes, you just gotta play.  And know the mess was worth it!


Moving on up…

July 21, 2014

It’s crazy to think that Landon only has one more year of preschool and this time next year we’ll be buying backpacks and school clothes for him!  Aaagghh… Slow down time! I love how precious he is right now. He loves to learn. Loves to figure things out. Loves to try new things. And just is a great little boy.

He is going to be moving up to his new school class this fall – the 4s class… and they did a little graduation ceremony at school to celebrate.

I’m so proud of this little guy.

grad kids7

Yep, this was our best family shot of 4 options. Brooks would not get off his face :)

grad kids1

grad kids2

“Wow, this performance is amazing… Grammy-worthy! Can’t. Take. Eyes. Away.”

grad kids3

grad kids4

Brooksie’s class also gave a rousing performance.  Yes, my kid was the one on stage either picking his nose or pulling on his shoe.  Always a proud mama!

grad kids5

grad kids6

I believe Brooks will be in his class for a while. He still needs to be fully potty trained and probably work on a letter or two (or twenty six) before he’s ready for the next class. But we’re in no rush. This sweet thing is just happy as can be in his 2′s class and talks about his great teachers and friends every day.  I am so proud of how much he is learning and how his little mind is developing.  He is always so happy at school and playing with his friends.

What a blessing to have two smart, amazing boys who love their preschool program.


Photoshop play

July 18, 2014

I decided to try my hand at editing a photo with some actions in an attempt to see if I can learn how to do it and also to gussy up some of my favorite family pics that I’d like to frame. I’d like to at least know how to do it when I want to.  (Which will be about never.)  Who has time for editing pictures with two kids, a hubby and a full time job?!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!! :)

But it’s good to know it’s there, if I want to use it!

Here is a Straight Out of Camera picture of Brooks:

And I think this picture is really sweet. I love the messy face and yogurt on the tip of his nose.  Classic Brooks.

I wanted to really brighten the picture and see what it would look like in vibrant colors…



Pretty sweet… and I love how his eyes pop.

And I really want to kiss those scrumptious, full B&W lips.


Photoshop. I heart you. When I have time to use you.



Cousins Pool Day

July 17, 2014

It’s always fun to get all 5 cousins together for playtime. Especially now that the little ones are old enough to carry on their own conversations and play together without adult direction. Some of the fun when we had a pool day with the 5 crazies recently.  And, of course, later that night Landon asked, “Mom are all the cousins coming over to do the pool again tomorrow?”

They just can’t get enough of each other!


Take 2 (well really there were like 50 takes!) One of my children is not looking in both pics! At least the other three cousins were 2 for 2!


King and Queen of the Castle!




Splash pad!!







Girl talk.


Aunt Heidi was brave enough to hit the slide.


Daddy/Landon water gun fight.



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