Easter cuteness

April 22, 2014

My mom recently ‘found’ Pinterest and was inspired to make the cutest Easter brunch for the family!

easter cuteness

Yes, bird nests made of chow mein noodles, butterscotch and peanut butter – with malt ball eggs and Peep birds!

And those are bunnies with bacon ears, scrambled egg faces, fruit eyes and nose and cheese whiskers.

Fruit skewers with marshmallow Easter toppers in a bed of “grass”

Colored deviled egg chicks.

Aren’t they the cutest.

And I can attest that everything tasted DELICIOUS!

Hope you all had a very happy Easter!



On kids sharing a room

April 18, 2014

My boys don’t share a room.  And for the most part, they’ve never really shared a room.  At least for sleeping purposes.

In our old home, Brooks slept in the pack n play in our bathroom until he was about 4 months old and at that point, we’d transitioned Landon into the queen bed in the guest room.  (We tried for about a week or so to have them sleep in the same room (B in the crib and L on a twin mattress and box spring on the floor – so he wouldn’t fall very far!), but they never seemed to sleep as deeply and at that point, with the chance that Brooks could wake up at night – being so little, we didn’t want to risk it!)

Occasionally, when we had company at the old house, we’d have the boys sleep together. Usually L falling asleep in a separate room and then moving him into the twin in his brothers room when they were both fast asleep.

When we moved into our new house, we were thrilled that each kid got their own room and we had a guest room to spare – perfect for Grammy’s visits!  As a result, our kids still don’t share a room.

This past weekend, my kids had a spontaneous sleepover at Gigi and Papa’s house.  When I was checking in with my parents the next day, my dad mentioned that Landon didn’t want to sleep in the new twin beds they got and instead wanted to sleep on the bed/futon in the crib room with Brooks.  I thought that was sweet and asked how they did in the same room.  He said they both went down well, but at about 6:30 in the morning, Landon started having a coughing fit in his sleep. Over the monitor, they heard the coughing and a few seconds after it stopped they heard a sweet voice call from the crib, “Landon, are you awake over there?” Brooks was checking in on his big brother.

That moment reminded me of the years that I shared a room with my sister and the fun that came with being in bunk beds or twin beds together. The built in roommate that reminded me not to be scared after hearing Dad’s ridiculously frightening bedtime stories (yes, he told us crazy hatchet man stories that scared the crap out of us!). Or the fun of a room to share together, build into a cool fort, decorate together, etc.

I hope that my kids still find nights to sleep together in each others rooms and share the experiences of a shared space, despite each having their own rooms.  I hope that when one of them gets a set of bunk beds (maybe?!) that the other loves to come in and ‘sleepover’ in the same room.  I think room-sharing prompted some of the best memories of childhood and I hope that my kids find ways to share each others spaces as they grow.

Sidenote: Dean and his brother had separate bedrooms growing up but for years they slept together in bunkbeds each night.  Maybe L & B will do the same?!


His Cape

April 17, 2014

It is no secret boys love capes.  Capes bring power and strength to every superhero.  My kids are no exception to this rule - evidence 1, evidence 2.

Last night before bed, Landon was chilling on our bed with his blankie and Chubby. I told him it was time for him to fly like a superhero into his room for bedtime.

As he stood up, I grabbed his blankie and wrapped it around his shoulders and tied it like a cape on his back.

He looked at me and in the manliest voice a 4 year old can muster, said: “Look, mom, I have a cape like Elsa.”

Nope, not pretending to be Superman or Batman… or even Batman’s sidekick Robin.

He was envisioning purple robes to his own mental soundtrack of “Let it Go”.



Garden: Take 1

April 16, 2014

Here she is… our first family garden.

We are taking it easy this year and ‘testing’ out some things. For example, we planted both seed pods and plants.  We’ll see what grows the best and how long it takes for both to bear fruit.

We did a variety of plants – a couple cherry tomatoes, golden tomatoes, beefy tomatoes, etc.  We also put in my favorites, basil and cilantro – love having fresh herbs – along with cucumbers, a pepper plant, a strawberry plant and a melon plant (I think it was honeydew or cantaloupe -not sure how the melon plant got in our cart, I guess my special helper Landon picked that one on his own.) :)

We were lucky enough to score a raised bed garden with a sprinkler system when we bought the house. The former owners had a little green thumb and let me know of all the great things they planted. I hope they don’t have high expectations upon their return visits to see friends in the neighborhood – I’m sure they’ll be sorely disappointed!

Prep was relatively easy – Dean raked out the bed, then I went with the kids and laid everything out and then we planted it all and watered it.


And don’t worry about any Mother of the Year awards for doing this garden activity with my kiddos… I only yelled at them 5,426 times during the installation of these plants. Good grief I can be anal during some of my projects.


(S)he sees you when you’re sleeping…

April 15, 2014

SleepB sleepL

Yes, I am that creepy mom who loves to watch her little boys sleep.  I know it’s weird. But it’s also when they are the most adorable, precious little things.

There is no talk back. There is no running away from me. There is no disobedience.  There is no parenting fail – yet again.  Nope, when they are sleeping they could easily be mistaken for the World’s Most Angelic Creatures.

Usually fresh from shower time and snuggled in their jammies with blankies and puppy/Chubby tucked in appropriately.  It is my favorite part of the day.  I reminisce the days when they were little 10 lb things, and reflect on how quickly they are growing. I think about the huge responsibility I have as their mommy.  And I thank God for the blessing of these two perfectly hand-picked additions to our family.

(P.S. I know, how dare I shine the bright flash in Brooksie’s face when he was in his deep REM cycle. I’m a crazy mom, I tell you!)



Spring Likes and Dislikes

April 14, 2014

We are full bore into Spring in the Carolinas.  I always love the reminder of this time of year – of rebirth and starting fresh. It’s a time for me to come out of the hibernation I am in in January and February (the post-Christmas self-induced coma).

While I was running, I was thinking of the things I love about Spring. And the things I’m ‘over already’.

Longer days – more sunshine outside and the ability to run after work because it isn’t dark until after 8pm!

Temperatures – I love this time of year, jeans and tshirts or shorts and a long sleeve. I love the brisk chill of the morning and the warm afternoon breeze of the day.

The sky – I think the sky is especially blue this time of year. Maybe I notice it more because the dreariness of winter has passed but I always love the sky and the sunsets I get to see on my way home from work.

Treat weather – Spring is the perfect time of year for fro yo outside or ice cream pops on the back patio.

Outside playtime – My kids love coming home from school and still having daylight to ride their bikes or push their lawnmower like daddy.

Tulips – my favorite flower is out in full force right now.  Whenever I see tulips, it always reminds me of my wedding day bouquet – which makes me smile. That was an awesome day!

Grilling out – At least once or twice a week, Dean is out grilling some meat for dinner. Grilling out is one of the best parts of this new spring weather!


ALREADY OVER IT – There are already a few  “Springtime things” that I can’t wait to be done with.

Pollen and allergies – done already. My big baby boy is so irritated he’s on 5 different allergy meds right now. His eyes are swollen shut in the morning and we are showering him multiple times a day to help relieve the itch.  It breaks my heart for him and I cannot wait until we aren’t covered in the yellow stuff each day.

The little green bugs that dangle from the trees – I’m not sure what they are called (maybe silkworms?), but when I’m out running, I run through their sticky dangly strings all the time. It’s like running through spiderwebs constantly. Disgusting!  After my run this weekend, I came home to find three little worms crawling all over my body – Yuck!

Yellow everything – to tie into #1, I’m ready for my car and other outdoor items to stay clean for more than a few hours. Even after the rain, there is no doubt that the yellowness will be back with a vengeance.

What are your favorite/least favorite things about Spring?



Worth Celebrating

April 11, 2014

If you’re like me, there are times when you forget to celebrate the small stuff.  The little highs in your days and weeks that make them better.  Sometimes I get so focused on the big things that I forget to love the little things that happen each day.

Today I am celebrating…

- a husband who has been extra helpful around the house lately.  Dishes magically washed.  I leave the house with dirty floors and come back to freshly mopped floors.  With no prompting from me.  This is my love language and I love it.

- getting into my running grove. I think I ran 7 out of the last 11 days.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.  Dean has even pushed me to get out there on a couple of the days that I was extra stressed or ‘fell out of the mood’ to go. Running has put me in my happy place lately.

- kids who have been sleeping so well this week.  While they may be grouchy by the end of the day, I can celebrate that they are going down so quickly and easily. Brooks has been in bed by 7pm multiple times this week (usually he goes down around 7:45).  I know they need the sleep and I love sneaking in and watching them sleep so peacefully for a few minutes each night.

- a little boy who is LOVING extra responsibility like showering and dressing himself each day.  It gives me some hands-off time when wants to do it by himself.

- Landon practicing both patience and not-whining when he can’t get something done. It makes me happy to see him work hard on it.

- Brooks remembering to say the prayer (and starting it before we all even get to the table) at dinner time.

- extra money in our paychecks, which means funds for some of the house projects we’ve been holding off on.

- the snuggles and cuddles I get with my two boys sitting in my lap reading “Dinosaurs Love Underpants” each night at bedtime.

- all of the fun things we have planned for this weekend (garden, coloring eggs, possible home decorating)

- and a countdown to Easter – only a week away!  I can’t wait to go to Elevation, hunt eggs, eat ham and hang out with family.  It’s one of the best parts of Spring!


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