His Arrival – Brooks’ Birth Story

I know that I posted Landon’s birth story a month or two after he was born, so I could go back and remember the moments when my memory begins to fail me.  I’d like to do the same thing and recap Brooks’ grand entrance, so a year or two down the road when it isn’t in the forefront of my mind, I can still recall the little details of his birthday.  (If birth stories or gross medical details aren’t your thing, feel free to stop here! 😉 Also, this is LONG – my apologies – it’s more for me than you, anyways!! )

As with Landon, I was late and there was no sign of progress at any of my dr visits.  Not dilated or effaced.  When I was about 5 days past my due date, we went ahead and set a deadline, if no baby by Sunday night – the 15th, I needed to come in and begin the process to get induced on Monday morning.  This was not new – the same exact procedure as with Landon – even the days were the same – Sunday night for a Monday morning induction.

So the weekend came and went.  On Sunday we went to dinner at my parents – the whole family – knowing that I would be induced in the morning and our days would be busy so a great time to hang out with my sister, brother, parents and our families.  On the way to the hospital, I had a mini-meltdown.  I knew what I was in for… I had done it before and with it all being planned, I had time to think about it.  Almost like a prisoner eating his last meal, I knew what was coming and I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  Of course, Dean reassured me everything would be ok and we would have a little baby to look forward to in just another day or so.

I got to the hospital and at 8:45pm they gave me some medication to help my cervix start dilating so that I would be ready for the morning.  They also had me hooked up the fetal monitors to keep an eye on the little one.  I had to remain on bedrest for the next two hours to make sure the medicine would do its job.  At 10:45 the nurse came in and told me I was free to get out of bed and asked if I wanted anything to help me sleep (i.e. Ambien).  I told her that I would wait and see how I did falling asleep on my own but if I didn’t do anything by midnight, I’d give her a call.  I knew I didn’t want to be up all night knowing that I had work to do in the morning and this would also be my last ‘easy’ night of sleep for awhile.

At around 12, I called the nurse back in and told her I would go ahead and take a sleeping pill, but asked her to assure me that in the morning I wouldn’t be drowsy and out of it.  She told me I would be ok and once I “woke up” then I wouldn’t be groggy anymore.  I also told her that it seemed I was having a couple random contractions and she confirmed that there was some ‘activity’ and it was really sporadic.  I went ahead and took the pill and tried to get rest.  My rest was short-lived.  Around 1am, I called the nurse in and told her I was starting to have really uncomfortable contractions and asked if there was there anything I could do.  She told me they were still really inconsistent – I would go 3 mins, then 9 mins, then 12 mins, then 2 mins, etc. between contractions – and that I should still try to rest through this part.  She gave me a little medicine to ‘take the edge off’ so that I would hopefully be able to get sleep.

By 2:30am, I was in a ton of pain and felt the need to go the bathroom.  So I went into the bathroom and in there, told Dean to go ahead and call my mom to come down because I felt like I was in labor.  From the room, the nurses told him – “Don’t call her mom yet, she still has a long way to go, hours of laboring and then probably a couple hours of pushing.  You don’t need to wake her yet.”

When the nurses kept shrugging off my “state of pain” I got mad and wouldn’t come out of the bathroom.  At least in there I could push with my contractions – I was also really loopy and tired as I was feeling the Ambien effects.  They finally got me out and into the bed.  At this point it was after 3am and I was asking for an epidural, or medication.  I know with Landon that as soon as I got the epidural, I felt amazing relief.  The nurse said she had to check me and when she did I was at 7cm.  I figured I should definitely be able to get my epidural now.  They told me I had three options at this point: 1- for the doctor to go ahead and break my water 2- if I wanted an epidural, i would have to have a full bag of fluid first and they didn’t think there would be enough time 3- I could go ahead and push on my own whenever I felt a contraction coming.

So basically, it was too late for me to have an epidural, even after all my earlier requests were met with “not yet”, now it was “too late”.  They also called the doctor in as they said my bag was bulging, which basically means, its time for your water to break.  The doctor came in and told me she was going to go ahead and break my water. I had a few more painful contractions and pushed through those while they continued to prep for delivery.

Then it was time to do the ‘real pushing’ with the nurses holding my legs.  At this point, Dean was finally calling my mom, telling her to come down. It was 3:51am and I had Nazi Nurse #1 and #2 telling me to push.  I was still really out of it as the Ambien was in full effect and it was like trying to exercise when you are under the full effects of Nyquil.  I would tell Dean, “I can’t do this!!”  and the nurses would grab me and tell me, “Push, you have to push!”  It was very painful – it felt like someone was welding every time I pushed.  With the epidural the first time, I couldn’t feel this pain; without it, it was burning hot!

Fifteen minutes after I started, pushing was done.  At 4:06am, a little boy popped out and was laid on my chest.  Five minutes later my mom walked through the door.  I was sad that she didn’t get to experience this with me again, but was excited that she was there for some of his first minutes of life.  Dean was, of course, thrilled that he got his second boy and I was relieved that it was done – four hours of craziness and pain, and it was over, I finally got to meet the little person I’d been carrying and growing for so long.

I never thought I would experience childbirth without pain medication and while I feel a small sense of accomplishment to make it through, I also know that should I ever be in labor again, I would definitely demand an epidural from the get-go.  I guess when you tell the nurses your family history of quick deliveries and that your first child was a 5 hour delivery, it’s just not enough to get them to call the anesthesiologist in.

For those momma’s who go through those 20+ hour labors and multi-hours of pushing with no pain meds, my hat is off to you.  I cannot imagine what it’s like to have that extended labor period.  You are amazing!


The first weeks – Part III – Trimester 3

This is a continuation of “Part I” and “Part II“- a week-by-week snapshot of my pregnancy.  Here are my thoughts on trimester three:

Week 29 – Baby is taking up the room… I think my stomach space is getting smaller because I am eating smaller, more frequent meals.  Pulled out my pregnancy pillow a few weeks ago and that is nice to use to lay on my stomach – like a little nest for the belly.

Week 30 – Starting to have mini freak outs… just a moment where I realize – man, this is getting close. I will have two babies so soon.  And thinking of all I want to do before Baby Dos arrives.  Also getting nervous about finding a name – we are doing ok with boy names, but girl names, not so much!

Week 31 – Sleeping really well this week.  Heavy sleeping (with intermittent bathroom breaks 🙂 ).  I’ve started getting more tired during the day and I can almost guarantee an afternoon nap every Sunday while Dean watches football.  That calming commentating puts me right to sleep for at least an hour or two while Mr. Landon naps upstairs.  I don’t know if it’s the daylight savings change and earlier darkness or the last months of pregnancy that are doing it, but I am definitely ready for bed and sleepy much earlier than just a few months ago.  Still at 25 lbs gained to date – hit it around week 29 and stayed the same at this weeks dr visit.  Per doc, head is down, so that is a good update!  Lots of moving and kicking still.

Week 32 – Man, Landon sure is getting heavy.  I’m starting to ask Dean more and more to do the heavy lifting at night because between Baby Dos and Landon, thats a lot of kid to carry around.  I can’t believe I am single digits away from D-Day (Delivery Day)!  Noticing more back pain as we get thru the final weeks.  I know I carry and toss around Landon which I’m sure makes it a little worse, but I don’t want him to get the short end of the stick at playtime just because Mommy is preggo.

Week 33 – Lot’s of ‘alien like’ movement on the outside as Baby Dos pushes and kicks.  Definitely more pressure at the bottom of my belly as baby is growing.  I’m sure it’s funny to see me getting out of bed – as I do a massive roll and get the momentum going to pop out of bed.  I can’t tell you the last time I actually slept through the night because Baby is taking over all my bladder space!  Loving chocolate treats a lot lately 🙂 and I’m definitely satisfying my sweet tooth!

Week 34 – Wow, it seems like my belly grew another inch since last week – however Thanksgiving was yesterday so that could also be the culprit! 😉  Belly’s def getting big.  I’m starting to have a hard time reaching my shoes to put them on and take them off! 🙂  Good thing I have my helper Landon to get my shoes for me each morning!!  Most people can’t believe I am due in a month but I think it’s because I wear tshirts and sweats so it’s not as noticeable as when I wear tighter maternity clothes.

Week 35 – Still getting my Sunday afternoon nap on a regular basis! I am loving that and taking advantage while I can.  Dean watches football, Landon and mommy take a nap!

Week 36 – Things are starting to get heavy out front.  Still feel pretty decent.  My worse symptoms are having to go the bathroom all the time and consistently waking up in the middle of the night for a quick bathroom break, or a bathroom break and then my mind wanders and I can’t fall back asleep – frustrating!

Week 37 – Have been craving tons of candy and sweets – with the holidays here, that doesn’t help because there are so many delicious events to attend 😉  Starting to feel an occasional Braxton Hick contraction at night – not very often though and only enough to wake me for about 5-10 mins then its back to La-La-Land.  Definitely getting heavy out front!

Week 38 – Merry Christmas!!  Landon is funny about pointing to my belly and saying ‘baby’ all the time.  I guess he’s ready to meet his sibling soon!  This baby seems to be sitting lower than Landon did, because while I get breathless doing easy tasks like a trip up the stairs, it’s not like it was with Landon – he sat RIGHT UNDER my chest and took up more of my lung space than this one!

Week 39 – Starting to not want to eat as much but have smaller more frequent meals because room is getting tight in there.  Staring to feel more pressure when I’m walking around or throughout the day.  Lots of big movements across the belly still – big elbow jabs and kicks!  Baby’s head is DOWN, DOWN, DOWN per the doc.  So it’s situated well and unlikely to flip. Yay!  That’s a good sign. 

Week 40 – Due date comes and goes with nothing.  Not dialated or anything!  Just like I was with Mr. L.  I’m totally ok with going a little overdue though – 1 – I’m enjoying still getting a restful nights sleep. 2 – This will put my sister and I’s babies closer together 🙂  Definitely having Braxton Hicks contractions and some other shooting pains – almost like a really painful Round Ligament pain/cramp right under my stomach when I roll from side to side at night – it’s as if the muscles in my stomach are asleep or aren’t tight enough to hold the weight of baby anymore and they are stretched to their max as I roll from one side to another.  I really cannot wait to sleep straight on my back soon – that is going to be amazing! 🙂  Getting more back aches and pains – more so from how I am having to sleep at night – which would put a crick in anyones neck!  All contorted and pillow-fied!

Week 41 – Just had my last appointment with the dr.  I will be getting my set eviction orders today.  Early next week I head in to the hospital if baby doesn’t come on their own, and after my check, it doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon.  Not dialated.  Still sitting pretty high up.  I’m not going to lie, when I walked out of the doc’s office, I had a mini panic attack for a second – the finality of it all.  I didn’t have to ‘make another appointment for next week’, this is it.  I know baby will have a birthdate in the ‘teens – 14, 15, 16.  Baby will be here in a matter of days now – it really hadn’t hit me until then – L&D just seemed like something that would happen in the future, but I have a deadline now! 

As far as how I feel – have had some more painful back issues lately, which I think get aggravated when I carry my 30-lb boy around.  Shooting pain down my back on just one side.  But hopefully, I can get Landon to do more walking and lap sitting so that it goes away.  As always, lots of potty breaks and I can see my sock lines in my cankles – so a little swelling there.  For the final count, I gained 36 lbs per the nurse.  So just about the same as when I had Landon (34 lbs).

Can’t wait/I’ll miss…

As I am nearing the final days/weeks of being preggo, with no plans to go past two little kiddo’s (they are a lot of work!), there are a couple of things I am excited about and some things I will miss about pregnancy.

I can’t wait to…
…never go through morning sickness again
…get rid of the backache and front heaviness of carrying a baby around
…go for a nice run that is over three miles
…lay on my back
…skip about 85% of my current bathroom breaks – I went 5 times before 9am this morning because of the way little babe was nustled on my bladder!

I will miss…
…trying to think of baby names (albeit, many are hysterical) with my husband
…the kicking and movement inside my belly – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and it is easy to forget the feeling once pregnancy passes!
…the ‘no-guilt’ that comes along with pregnancy eating. “Another cupcake?”  “Sure, why not, I’ll take two?!”
…Landon being so interested in my belly and bellybutton
…the wonder of what our next kid will be like – boy or girl, who will they look like, will they have a similar demeanor to me, Dean or Landon?

Other moms – am I missing anything – what are the things you miss most about pregnancies or the things you couldn’t wait to be done with?

Happy 2012!

It Feels Real Now

You know how sometimes you think if you don’t do something, then it won’t happen – almost as if you can wish it away because you aren’t ready to face it yet, well, I’ve been suffering from a case of that.  I’ve been really stressed about possibly having this baby at or on Christmas and didn’t want to be spending Landon’s Christmas morning in the hospital.  In my efforts to “avoid” a Christmas delivery, I decided that I wasn’t going to pack my hospital bag until after Christmas.  I didn’t want it to seem like I was ready for Baby Dos to arrive, because I really wasn’t.  I needed to make it through the holiday weekend and be able to see how Landon would do with all the Christmas fun… the present wrapping and opening, the toys under the tree, the cookie baking (and bowl tasting), the candy enjoying (yes, he snuck a few pieces out of the candy bowl!)… and he loved it! 

Now that Christmas has passed, I finally gave in – I pulled down the newborn baby things from the attic, started packing a hospital bag and finally accepted in my mind that it’s time… baby will be here any day now.  It feels official and real now… D-Day is just around the corner and I’m ready.  Welcome Baby Dos, we can’t wait to meet you!

Pregnancy Letters

Dear Legs and Back,
I know you are tired from carrying around this extra bundle in the front, plus the additional thirty-plus pounder that rides on my hip.  But you can do it! Only a month to go and you will get a break.  I promise that in the Spring we will begin enjoying exercise together again!
Love, G

Dear Esophagus,
I’m sorry about the recent heartburn and reflux… I know you went through this the last two weeks of my first pregnancy and no one likes a tingling throat!
Love, G

Dear Thirst,
You are voracious.  It’s hard to keep up with you.  And the 95-bathroom-breaks-a-day are really making me resent the constantly parched mouth I am experiencing.  If you would let up a little bit, that’d be greaaat!
Love, G

Dear Socks,
I know things are getting tight down there.  I’m sure no one likes looking at cankles 24/7, but no worries, we’ll be back to our normal selves in just a few weeks!
Love, G

Dear Body,
I cannot believe how amazing it is to see that little body move around and stretch as he/she continues to grow.  It’s unbelievable that all your parts worked together to create this little miniscule thing smaller than a . and now 9 months later, it’s a full-grown little child.  Good work!  I know the hardest part is yet to come, but you can do it. 
Love, G


Recently, we’ve been making guesses on baby gender and arrival date.  A brother or sister?  Will we make it to January?  (Due date is Jan 6.  I was induced 10 days late with Landon on my first go around.)

My guess:  Boy on Jan 10
Husband guess:  Boy on Jan 7
Grammy (Deans mom) guess:  Boy on Jan 13
Gigi (my mom): She’s guessing girl

I’ve had several say they think it’s going to be a girl this time around.  Either way, I’ll be thrilled – I’m just hoping for a quick and relatively easy labor and delivery.  (This was my earlier post on how I don’t really have a preference boy or girl-wise.)

I think the reason I am thinking boy is because my pregnancy seems to be going very similarly to how it was with Landon – with the exception of getting sick a little more often earlier, but I got sick with both.  Also, Dean and I have several boy names we both like, but we’re having a harder time coming up with girl names… this was also the case with Landon.  We waited to find out the sex and then it took about 3 hours for us to choose a name, but we had several boy names we really liked and nothing concrete for girls names.  We’re accepting suggestions – especially for baby girl names – we like modern and often slightly masculine (i.e. could be boy or girl) girl names… like Quinn.

Anyone else have a guess – sex, due date?


This week I stumbled across some pictures of Landon when he was just an hour or two old… so tiny… and then images from his first bath with legs about the girth of a quarter – stick-like twigs – and a baldy head.  Seeing these images was a swift reminder that we are single-digit weeks away from meeting Baby Dos.  Wow!!

So many thoughts run through my head.  The joy of staring at your peacefully sleeping baby, their gentle smell, the miniature socks and shoes, resetting the carseat to the smallest setting, how they snuggle right into your arms.  The sleepless nights, non-stop diaper messes and constant feedings/pumping (agh!) – I can barely remember what they were like with Landon, and now we’ll be there again. 

Our new, little baby – I know it will take time to get comfortable holding something so light and fragile.  I remember Dean and I getting nervous with how hard they were burping Landon at the hospital… would we have to whack him that hard?  Landon hardly seemed real – like a porcelain doll for dressing up.  I wanted to keep him in bubble wrap for the first few weeks, for protection in case anything should happen during our watch 🙂

And yet, here we are… and this time around, we have a rambunctious, exploring, fearless toddler to add to the mix.  I have no doubt 2012 will start with a flurry of chaos – good chaos, non-stop chaos!  

And slowly, we’ll make our routines, figure Baby Dos’ quirks/likes/dislikes.  Landon will learn to love and share and be gentle with his little sibling.  We’ll take family pictures of four and not three.  We’ll coordinate kids outfits for holidays.  Another birthday will be permanently etched into the calendar.  And just like with Landon, there will soon be a time when we can hardly remember what life was like without our addition.

Here we go again!!

(Landon just two hours old – Mar 1, 2010)