He’s on repeat.

Brooks talking loudly while our male cashier with dreadlocks was checking out our purchases:

“Mom, is that a girl or a boy?”
I ignore him as I don’t want to talk about why the boy has long hair, when the boy will cut his hair, if he’s allowed to have long hair, why he has gold in his hair, etc.  All the follow up questions I know will come from my inquisitive 4 year old.

But, of course, he persists louder and louder… “Mom, is that a boy with long hair?”  He can’t stop asking it. “Mom, do you see that is a boy with girl hair?  Landon, look at that girl hair on that boy.”  I just want to get my bags and go.

Or when he sees the larger lady at the grocery store… “Mom, how did she get that big belly?”  “Do you see her belly?”  “I bet she has a baby in that belly.”  And so I just skip the cereal and oatmeal I was planning to grab on that aisle and rush to another section.  Trying to explain to him that those questions can hurt peoples feelings.  Trying to explain to a 4 year old that people don’t like to be called pregnant when they aren’t.

I think that’s a genetic trait of little boys. If they ask and you don’t answer, they just keep asking.  If I’m making dinner, I tend to tune out the questions because I’m trying to get two or three dishes prepped at the same time. There just isn’t much time for a convo.  But, the questions come over and over until they get an answer.

“Mom, why does Landon get that banana before dinner?” silence. “Mom, why is Landon eating a banana?” silence. “Mom, I want a banana.” silence.  “Mom, I said I want a banana.”

Every three seconds. Until he gets his answer. Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

I know it’s coming. I just hope I’m at home and not in public for his next round of questioning.


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