Happy 39 to this guy.

Today marks 39 years of life on this earth for my favorite husband.

I definitely married up and am so thankful that he balances me out.  He’s the calm to my crazy.  The ‘go with the flow’ to my overbearing perfectionism.  The peanut butter to my chocolate (you thought I was going to say ‘jelly’ didn’t you? PB&C is better).


I’m thankful he lets me pick out his outfits for special dressy occasions (so we can coordinate!) and lets me sleep in on weekends because he knows I’m not a morning person. He’s smart, handsome, funny, responsible, and the best dad.


I’m also thankful he let’s me post embarrassing pictures of him:

Photo 1: What the picture was supposed to look like


Photo 2 – the Eyeblink (aka when your husband treats you like a squishy, cuddly pillow):


So happy 3-9 to this guy ^. Cuddles McDeanington.

Pictures by: Bees and Honey Photography. I’m sure I’ll post my other favorites soon, but today is just about this guy!



One comment

  1. Tell your 39 DAY old buddy he should try his father in law’s smile technique, huh, 123 huh! Dean has nice teeth, let’s see them:)

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